Return of the Roar

"Where am I gonna go, Tiifu? I'm stuck!"

"But, Kiara, if I don't keep them sharp, they don't stay shiny!"

"Ah! Ah! Creepy crawly bugs! Ew!"

"I broke a claw! It hurts!"

"Bugs are so . . . gross!"

"We're outta here."

Can't Wait to be Queen

"Announcing Her Majesty . . . Queen Kiara!"

"Ooh! Queen Kiara's first official decree!"

"Especially giving titles to her top advisers: Dame Tiifu and Lady Zuri!"

"She said she had some important meeting to go to . . . somewhere."

"Who cares? He's not a queen."

Fuli's New Family

"Can we just get this over with?"

"Yeah, that oughta wow her."

"Queen Nala's looking! Act all excited and hunter-ish!"

"Who cares? Hunting is so overrated. Let the cheetah hunt for us."

I don't even like gazelle... Hyena food.

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