Zira's Den is a location in the Outlands.


Zira's Den is a large rock formation that looks a little bit like a lion's head with stalagmites and stilagtites resembling teeth. Inside is a pathway leading to a large open space surrounding by imposing walls outside.


Lions of the Outlands

Lions-of-the-outlands (346)

Inside the den

When Zira and her pride overtake Jasiri's Watering Hole, Jasiri comes to the Pride Lands to request Kion's assistance.

Kion agrees to help her, and after tasking Bunga with informing their friends of his whereabouts, Kion goes to the Outlands to talk with Zira.

Upon meeting Zira, her sons, and daughter, Zira leads Kion away to speak privately with him about the important role that their species play. She then leads him to her den, and remarks that whilst it may not be Pride Rock, it is home to the Outsiders.

Former Residents


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