Return of the Roar

"I've found him, Your Highness! Kion is over here!"

Can't Wait to be Queen

"I am fluent in Elephant. Not to mention gorilla, chimpanzee, and several dialects of bushbuck."

"Believe me, sire. By the time we get there, I'll have you speaking like a true elephant!"

"Come now, sire. It's really not as bad as all that."

"No, no, no, sire. Like this, Eihe kala pano tou."

"I'm not sure, sire, but I think you just said he had 'poop' on him."

The Kupatana Celebration

"Oh! Mbuni, it's ma-un-de-lay-e-oh, ya uhhi. Remember that for tonight!"

Never Roar Again

"Lion Guard! Ah, there you are. Thank goodness."

"Ono's job apparently. There's been a rockslide, no one was injured. But it cut the giraffe off from their watering hole."

"Oh, yes, Ono. You would've known, had you been on the lookout - Oh!"

"Indeed! In any case, the giraffes need your help."

"You heard Kion. Duty calls. Mustn't dawdle. Spit spot."

The Lost Gorillas


"I've just received word. The pangolins are spraying everywhere! It's quite a stinky situation."

"My thoughts precisely!"

The Savannah Summit

"Sire, it's time for the procession."

"Your attention, please! We shall now proceed to Mizimu Grove for the beginning of the Savannah Summit!"

"Apologize? Me? I'm the one with a rhinoceros on his head."

"Daylight! I thought I'd never see you again..."

"Quite all right. Rafiki, please tell me this won't make it into the official portrait."

The Morning Report

"Hmm. An antelope stuck in a tree... This will most definitely be included in my Morning Report."

"I hardly think the King would be pleased if your crocs gobbled him up for no reason."

"Very well, Pua. I, too, respect the crocodile ways. But, as Kion's well-being is my responsibility... I offer myself in his place."

"I've never given a late Morning Report."

" Well, it all began this morning! After observing Kion's clever solution for Bupu - the sight of an antelope stuck in a tree is quite amusing, sire. I then continued my inspection of the path through the grasslands, where I encountered the hyenas. Of course we know how that turned out, don't we?"