–Young Serval, Babysitter Bunga

Young Serval is a young male serval who lives in the Pride Lands. He first appeared in Babysitter Bunga.


Young Serval has white and black stripe markings on his ears and tail. An orange coat with black spots, a white chest and underbelly and tear group markings around his face with a white muzzle with olive green eyes.


Young Several appears to be very playful and innocent, and eager to participate in Bunga's activities.


Babysitter Bunga

Babysitter-bunga (294)


After the mother of his friend decides to leave her son in the care of Bunga, the bravest member of the Lion Guard, his mother decides to do so as well. Along with a small group of animals, Young Serval learns how to teke, ruka and teleza.

A while later, the group is approached by Reirei and her family, and Bunga instructs the young animals to use what they've learned to defeat the jackals. Young Serval kicks away Dogo, and he and Juhudi move away from the jackals.

Babysitter-bunga (546)

Fighting the jackals

When two more approach them, he kicks some dust into Kijana and another jackal's eyes, moving aside for them to fall into the water behind them.

Just then, Beshte, Fuli, Ono and Kion arrive, Kion questions upon their safety, and Bunga proudly explains the deeds of the young animals in his charge, to which Hamu adds their bravery equals Bunga's. Fuli ponders upon the presence of the other children, and Bunga states that his reputation had spread. Reirei then directs Kion's attention towards herself, and requests his assistance. Kion agrees, and asks that they leave in return. Reirei and the jackals do so.

Babysitter-bunga (629)

Hugging the babysitter

As the parents arrive to collect their children, Bunga informs them of how they managed to defend themselves against Reirei and her family, and Hamu explains how Bunga taught them about Teke, Ruka, Teleza. Muhimu is impressed that Bunga taught them how to defend themselves and warmly grants him the title of best babysitter ever.

The young animals gather around Bunga and say their goodbyes, and Fuli states that Bunga is really good with kids. The honey badger shrugs, asking her to call him "Babysitter Bunga".





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