Which Way Out? is a comic based on The Lion Guard, featured in The Lion Guard Magazine. There are two possible solutions, though both lead to the same outcome.


The Lion Guard are out on patrol, when they notice Janja, Cheezi and Chungu in the Pride Lands. Kion and Fuli are uncertain why they are there, given that they know well enough not to be in the Pride Lands during their patrol. Janja and Chungu decide to flee, with Cheezi following behind.

To make certain that they return to the Outlands, the Lion Guard chase after the hyenas into a nearby canyon. After losing the hyenas, Fuli realises that they have gotten lost themselves in the mazy canyon. Beshte bumps into a wall and Bunga warns him to be careful as the rocks are fragile. Bunga suggests splitting up to find the way out, and whoever finds the way out can return to guide the others to safety. Kion, however, knows that this is all part of Janja's plan, and that Janja's Clan are waiting to pounce on them individually.

Suddenly, Ono pipes up, claiming to know the way out. Beshte has his own solution as well. Kion decides to choose one of their ideas, and keep the other in reserve.

Ono's Path

Kion decides to try Ono's idea first, since his ideas usually work. Ono believes that they've fallen into a trap, and that the hyenas have lured them in on purpose. Kion wasn't aware that they were so smart, but Ono denies that claim - since he can fly. Kion and Fuli soon see that they're in no danger, and Ono guides them out of the maze.

Beshte's Path

Ono is sceptical of Beshte's plan, and even Kion is curious. Beshte shows the gang that Janja's plan is to trap them in a maze of solid rock, which Bunga agrees with. For Beshte, however, the rocks are pretty fragile. Ono is shocked to see that Beshte can just break down the rocks from the exit, and the Guard follow him out.


As the Lion Guard leave the canyon, Janja overhears their joyous cries. Annoyed that they have escaped, he commands Chungu and Cheezi to follow him and locate the Guard. However, Cheezi isn't sure which way to go, and travels down an incorrect path. Chungu takes the lead, but he also follows the wrong route. Janja irritably asks what they're doing and Cheezi reveals that they're lost.

Outside, the Lion Guard overhear the hyenas' troubles. Kion comments that they won't be hearing from them again for a while.


Ono's Path

Beshte's Path



  • Janja's ear notch is shown on the wrong ear. Additionally, in one panel, his nose is colored red.
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