The Watering Hole is a location in the Pride Lands and a main source of water for the animals living there.


The watering hole is a large area of water, with acacia trees providing shade around the edges.


Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots

When the Lion Guard is trying to locate Flat Ridge Rock to reunite with Kion, Beshte suggests that they ask Mbeya the rhino for directions. They travel to the Watering Hole, where they find Mbeya. Beshte enters the water to speak with him.

Eye of the Beholder

Beshte enters the Lair of the Lion Guard bearing news. He explains that while he was at the Watering Hole, his friend Kulu mentioned that she had heard that hyenas had entered the Pride Lands near Chakula Plains.

The Kupatana Celebration

The-kupatana-celebration-hd (165)

Beshte and Bunga pass Ma Tembo

The Lion Guard takes a jackal pup named Dogo to a hillside near the Watering Hole. Later, Beshte and Bunga pass by the Watering Hole as they patrol the Pride Lands.

Fuli's New Family

After the Lion Guard rescues Bunga and Fuli from the Outlands, they return to the Pride Lands and cool off at the Watering Hole.

Babysitter Bunga

After letting Bunga watch her son Muhimu goes to the watering hole with her friends for some alone time. Bunga agrees to watch the other little ones as well while he's watching Hamu. When the Jackals hear where the little ones are they go and find them.  

The Savannah Summit

As king Simba gathers the leaders of herds in the Pridelands. Kion is worried that Makuu is gonna ruin the Savannah Summit, which is an event which calls for animals of different species to make arrangements ahead of the Dry Season. Mtoto overhears Bupu and Makuu having a fight. The guard comes to stop him from attacking Bupu. 

The Traveling Baboon Show

As the guard is chasing The Traveling Baboon Show some Sable Antelopes fall in the river. The guard forgets about the baboons and comes to rescue the antelopes.  


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