The Imaginary Okapi

"Morning, Beshte.

Janja's New Crew

"Oh! Goodness."

"But I have to get to Big Springs."

Never Roar Again

"No, it's a reference to your head looking like an egg!"

Babysitter Bunga

"Juhudi, stop running! Juhudi, don't splash in the mud. Juhudi, look out for that Hyrax! JUHUDI! Oh... Forget it."

"I told you not to play with the porcupine. Think he'd take Juhudi, too?"

"Ooh. I don't think I've ever been this relaxed in my life."

"Why? They're all having fun at Hakuna Matata Falls. Let them play."

"Here they are, all our little ones. How was your day, dear?"

The Savannah Summit

"Can you believe Makuu was invited here? After everything he and his crocs have done!"

"Me? I wasn't talking about Makuu. Were you talking about Makuu?"

"How should I know? I'm just eating branches. Like a giraffe does."

"We never meant for him to get hurt."

"We didn't want to hurt you. Just make you smell bad."

Divide and Conquer

"Just run, Juhudi! Don't look back! "

"You know, you're right!"

"Yes. Thank you, Kion!"

"Come, dear. Let's get back to our group!"

"Do you think you can sound like me?"

"Oh, delightful! "

The Kilio Valley Fire

"I suppose... If they really need someplace to stay..."

"What? What are you doing?"

"But you pulled down the whole branch!" 

"Then get someone else to help them!"

"Giraffes need food too, Kion!"

Undercover Kinyonga

''That tree. Over there. I tried to scratch my back against it and it yelled at me!"