Twiga's Herd is a herd of giraffes led by Twiga that live in the Pride Lands.


The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Returnoftheroar-0 (66)

It's a Beautiful Day!

Kion and Bunga run through the herd during their game of Baobab Ball.

Fuli's New Family

The herd appears briefly during "My Own Way".

The Imaginary Okapi

Twiga appears during "Life in the Pride Lands", along with two other giraffes.

Never Roar Again

Never-roar-again-hd (274)

The herd wait for the Lion Guard to assist them

After Zazu informs Kion that a rockslide had separated the giraffes from their watering hole, Kion leads his friends to help the giraffes, with Ono being forcibly pushed out by Zazu.

When the Guard reaches the giraffes, Beshte comments that they're all waiting patiently, and Fuli remarks that that won't last long. Shingo and Twiga notice Ono's predicament, and tease him over it, prompting Fuli to genuinely come to Ono's defense, and Bunga to unintentionally worsen the situation. 

Bunga prods Kion to use the Roar to clear the rocks away, but Kion refuses, traumatized by a previous occurrence involving his mother

He asks Beshte to move the rocks, and Beshte complies, once he had finished, the herd rushes to drink.

The Golden Zebra

The-golden-zebra (6)

The two concerned herds

When a drought hits the Pride Lands, Shingo argues with Vuruga Vuruga's Herd over who should have the next drink, worried that they'll miss out entirely. Kion tries to calm them, but is ultimately forced to seek advice from his father regarding the situation.

Later, having found a solution, the Lion Guard leads the herds through the Back Lands, where they are introduced to Dhahabu the golden zebra, who welcomes them into her watering hole, on the condition that they frolic and romp. They accept her proposal, and enjoy the water.

Divide and Conquer

Twiga and Juhudi are chased by Janja's Clan, until Twiga kicks Janja away.

Named Members


Janjas-new-crew (138)

Twiga hears of the mudslide

Main Article: Twiga

Twiga is the leader of the herd. She is usually calm and amiable, with a welcoming personality. She is shown to be appreciative of kindness towards her, and will gladly return the kindness shown to her. However, she is not above mocking someone when she feels annoyed by their actions.


The-trouble-with-galagos (86)

Shingo looks towards the Guard

Main Article: Shingo

Shingo is a male giraffe in the herd. He is usually friendly and playful, but he can be unkind and insulting when he feels someone has wronged him, and may go as far as openly laughing at them. He sometimes stumbles into trouble when hungry.


Babysitter-bunga (380)

Juhudi playing with Bunga

Main Article: Juhudi

Juhudi is a female giraffe calf in the herd. She is the daughter of Twiga. She is very friendly and playful, and will often listen to advice that can help her through certain situations.

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