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Those little ones need the water.

Madoa to Kion, Lions of the Outlands

Tunu is a young hyena that resides in the Outlands. He is the brother of Wema and a member of Jasiri's Clan.


Tunu is a small hyena cub, with grey fur and dark grey markings on his back and forehead. His paws and muzzle are also this color. His nose is black and his eyes are blue. His tail is dark grey with a light pink fur underneath. This light pink color is also present on his underbelly. He also have one small tooth sticking out of his mouth.


Like his sister, Tunu is a very shy hyena cub who is afraid of all lions from both the Outlands and Pride Lands, even after Kion exerts warmth towards them. He is shown to be very playful, often following his sister everywhere.


Lions of the Outlands

Lions-of-the-outlands (49)

Playing with the pups

Tunu and his sister, Wema are engaged in a playful staredown with Madoa. He notices his fellow clan member, Jasiri walking towards them with Kion in tow. Tunu runs after his sister and the pair hide behind a behind a nearby stone. After Kion eventually notices them he tries to greet them and coax them out, but they back down in fear. Madao reveals that all they have ever known are bad lions, hence his apprehension. She then explains the need for their watering hole to be returned to the young ones in particular. Tunu watches Kion leave from a distance.

Lions-of-the-outlands (587)


Later, when their watering hole is returned to them, Tunu and Wema are once again playing together. When Wema notices Kion she runs over to him, with Tunu following her. Noticing the two youngsters, Kion tries once again to reach out to them, believing them to be unafraid of him now. But after taking a swift glance towards each other, the pair once again hide behind a nearby rock. Jasiri tells Kion to take it as a compliment, because he really is fierce after all.





  • Although Tunu has no dialogue outside of yelps and barks and despite his name not being mentioned at any point during the episode, both his name and a voice actor are listed in the credits for the episode.
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