MUHANGUS: Lion Guard! Lion Guard!

ONO: This way, everyone!

MUHANGUS: You're here! Thank goodness!

KION: We came as soon as we could.

BESHTE: What's the kerbubble?

MUHANGUS: Our den! It's full of... Hyenas!

BUNGA: Hyenas again?

FULI: We've had to chase them out of the Pride Lands every night this week!

KION: I know one thing that'll scare them away from the aardvarks' den for good. Lion Guard, follow me!

MUHANGUS: Aaaah! There they are!

KION: I see 'em... Everyone, stay behind me. Hey! I told you before, and I meant it. Get. Out. Of. The Pride Lands! (ROARS)


KION: And stay out.

BUNGA: Oh, yeah! Things have been pretty quiet since we chased those hyenas off the other night, huh?

BESHTE: Well, Kion did most of the work.

BUNGA: (CHEWING LOUDLY) Yeah, but we had his back! Mmm!

FULI: Ugh. Bunga!

BUNGA: What?

FULI: Please tell me you're done eating.

BUNGA: Not even close! (CHEWING LOUDLY) Besides, haven't you noticed? There are termites everywhere!


BESHTE: Uh, yeah.

KION: No kidding. Here, Bunga. All yours.

BUNGA: Mmm, termites on a stick! Thanks, Kion! (SLURPS) Mmm!

FULI: Really?

ONO: Everyone! Everyone!

KION: What is it, Ono?

ONO: We've got an emergency at Mekundu Cliffs! A big hollow tree is falling apart!

KION: A tree falling apart? That's not really an emergency.

ONO: Yes, it is! It's the tree where the Mekundu Bats live! They're asleep inside!

FULI: Why didn't you wake them up?

ONO: I would, but, you know... (SHUDDERS) ...they're bats.

BUNGA: You're afraid of bats?

ONO: You're the bravest. I'm the keenest of sight. Okay?

KION: You were right to get us, Ono. Come on, everybody. To the Pride Lands' end...

ALL: ...Lion Guard defend!

BUNGA: One second! (MUFFLED) ...Lion Guard defend!

KION: What's the fastest way, Ono?

ONO: Across that fallen tree and over the ravine!

KION: Got it! Heyvi kabisa!

FULI: I don't get it. That tree's held all of us before. Even Beshte. What happened?

BUNGA: Maybe it just got old.

KION: Whatever it was, we can talk about it later. We still have to help the Mekundu bats! Come on!

ONO: There it is! The hollow tree!


KION: Whoa! The whole thing's coming down! We gotta wake up the bats!

ALL: Wake up! Get up! Wake up, guys! Wake up, bats!

BUNGA: Hey, bats!

ONO: Are they coming out?

KION: I don't hear anything.

BUNGA: (GASPS IN DELIGHT) I'm going in! Zuka Zama! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!


ONO: Oh, no! (SCREAMS) Are they gone?

BESHTE: They're gone.

KION: Bunga?

KION: Uh-oh! Look out!

BESHTE: Oh, no!

FULI: Bunga!

BUNGA: (GASPS) Somebody call me? (CHEWING LOUDLY)

FULI: I am not okay with all the termites around here.

KION: You're right. There's a lot of them.

BESHTE: I've never seen so many termites. They ate through the whole tree.

KION: Maybe they ate through the tree bridge, too. I bet that's why it collapsed!

ONO: That certainly makes sense. Termites eat wood. So too many termites would eat too much wood.

BESHTE: But we've always had termites in the Pride Lands. Why are there too many now?

BUNGA: Hey! Just because there are a lot of termites, it doesn't mean there's too many.




BUNGA: Okay. There may be a few too many.

KION: We have to tell my dad.

SIMBA: Let me guess. You're here to tell me that there are too many termites in the Pride Lands?

KION: Um, yeah. The thing is, we don't know why there are so many termites.

SIMBA: Hmm. Maybe we should ask the aardwolves.

FULI: Aardwolves?

SIMBA: That's right. They're the Pride Lands' termite experts.

ONO: I've heard of aardwolves, but I've never seen one.

SIMBA: I'm not surprised. They're very shy. They only come out at night, and pretty much keep to themselves. But they love to eat termites. Even more than you do!

BUNGA: Not possible!

FULI: So the aardwolves keep the Pride Lands' termites under control?

SIMBA: That's right. At least, until now.

BESHTE: I sure hope nothing happened to them.

KION: Yeah. We better talk to the aardwolves and make sure they're okay. Where do they live?

SIMBA: Well, they tend to roam around. But their favorite places to sleep are empty aardvark dens.

FULI: Empty aardvark dens?

BUNGA: Ha! That's funny. We just chased hyenas out of an empty aardvark den a couple days ago!

KION: Uh, Dad? What exactly do aardwolves look like?

SIMBA: Well, they actually look a lot like hyenas.

KION: I was afraid you'd say that. Dad, I... I think I kicked the aardwolves out of the Pride Lands. It was a mistake. I thought they were hyenas.

FULI: We all did.

BUNGA: I still do!

KION: Thanks, guys. But I'm the one who used the Roar on them.

SIMBA: You Roared at the aardwolves? Well, that explain the termites.

KION: I'm sorry, Dad.

SIMBA: Kion, you've made a mistake. We all do. But it's what you do to correct your mistakes that really counts.

KION: Thanks, Dad. We're gonna make things right. I promise! Lion Guard, we're gonna find those aardwolves, and bring them back to the Pride Lands!

FULI: Your Roar sure knocked those aardwolves a long way into the Outlands.

KION: (SIGHS) Don't rub it in. I'm just glad we got their scent from the aardvark dens so we can track them.

BUNGA: I'm glad I had a termite snack before we left. This place has none.

BESHTE: Those poor aardwolves must be gettin' awful hungry.

ONO: As soon as we get them back home, they'll have plenty of termites to eat!


FULI: (GASPS) Do you smell that?

KION: (SNIFFS) It's the aardwolves' scent. And it's getting stronger. (SNIFFS)

OGOPA: (GASPS) I just saw The Lion Guard! They followed us into the Outlands!

HAYA: (STUTTERS) What are they doing out here? You think they're still after us?

MJOMBA: The Lion Guard? Why would they be after us? They already chased us out of the Pride Lands. Into the termite-forsaken Outlands.

OGOPA: Yes. (CHUCKLES) Yes! Of course! The Lion Guard can't be looking for us. (SIGHS) They're just passing by!


FULI: So when we find the aardwolves, what's the plan?

BUNGA: Sneak up on 'em?

BESHTE: Surround them?

HAYA: Still think they're just passing by?

OGOPA: But why? Why?

MJOMBA: Oh, look! Is that a bug?

BUNGA: Pfft! All this tracking's taking too long. I'm goin' up and over. Zuka Zama!

OGOPA: It's not like you'd sneak up on somebody and surround them just to say hello (EXCLAIMS) Am I right?

BUNGA: (GRUNTS) Oh, hello!


BUNGA: I found 'em! They're goin' that way!

BESHTE: But why are they running away?

KION: I don't know, Beshte. All I know is that we've gotta convince 'em to come back to the Pride Lands! Now come on! Aardwolves!

ALL: Aardwolves! Aardwolves!

MJOMBA: (GASPS) It really is the Lion Guard! Why didn't somebody say something?

OGOPA: They're coming after us!

HAYA: Run faster!

KION: Wow. They're pretty fast.

FULI: Oh, you want fast? Huwezi! Listen up! We're the Lion Guard! We're only here to... Whoa.



KION: You okay?

FULI: They didn't stop.

BUNGA: Yeah, we noticed. That was weird.

KION: Wait. They're afraid of us.

ONO: Afraid of us?

KION: Well, I did use the Roar on them. Maybe they think we're out to get them.

BUNGA: You mean they think we're the bad guys?

BESHTE: But we're the Lion Guard. We can't be the bad guys.

FULI: And you didn't mean to Roar at them. It was an honest mistake.

KION: Yeah, but they don't know that. So we've gotta convince them we're the good guys. Of course, we've gotta find them again first.

ONO: Look! I see one of them right there! Hapana! Guys! He's running right towards a cliff!

BUNGA: Leave this one to me! Zuka Zama!


MJOMBA: (GROANS) Get off me. Get off of me! What do you think you're doing?

BUNGA: Uhh, maybe a little something like saving your life!

MJOMBA: What? Oh. Uh, in that case, thanks. (SIGHS) So now what? You've already kicked me and the others out of the Pride Lands! Where do you want us to go now?

KION: We want you to come back to the Pride Lands!

MJOMBA: You want us to go back? Wouldn't it have been easier just not to kick us out in the first place?

BUNGA: He's got a point there.

FULI: Bunga...

BUNGA: Just sayin'...

KION: Look, I'm really sorry. That was a mistake. I Roared at you because we thought you were hyenas.

MJOMBA: Hyenas? Hyenas? Do I look like a hyena to you?

BUNGA: Pretty much.

ONO: Yep.

BESHTE: Uh-huh.

FULI: You aardwolves really don't get out much, do you?

KION: We still need to find the rest of your pack. So we can take you all home.

MJOMBA: I don't know... What's in it for me?

ONO: Well, you get to go home.

BUNGA: A home that's now totally overrun with termites, by the way.

MJOMBA: Termites? (SLURPING) (CHUCKLING) Now you're talking! Why didn't you say so in the first place? Let's go!

KION: Uh, hey! Wait for us!

HAYA: Here. Behind these rocks!

OGOPA: Ooh, look! Let's hide in there! This is perfect! Yes! Totally perfect! I think.

HAYA: Yeah, they'll never find us here. I hope.

OGOPA: Poor, brave Mjomba! It's because of him we're safe. Maybe.

HAYA: I'll take a peek, just to be sure. Yup. All clear.

REIREI: (SNIFFING) Hmm. Ooh. Something smells delicious! (GASPS) Aardwolves! Goigoi! You hear what I said?

GOIGOI: Love you, too, baby.

REIREI: Goigoi!

GOIGOI: What? Was I snorin'?

REIREI: Oh, never mind. Keep sleeping if you want. Just more scrumptious aardwolf for me and the kids.

GOIGOI: You had me at aardwolf.

REIREI: Thought so. Smells like a whole pack of 'em just moved in next door.

GOIGOI: When did the hyraxes move out?

REIREI: They didn't.

GOIGOI: Oh, yeah. (CHUCKLES) They were delicious.

REIREI: Now that you're up, time we said hello to our new neighbors.

GOIGOI: (SLURPING) Whatever you say, dear.

HAYA: Coming in here was a great idea! It's roomy, nice and dank, wall to wall dirt...

OGOPA: Oh. Too bad there's nothing here to eat.

RAIRAI: Oh, I wouldn't say that!


REIREI: We're the folks from next door!

GOIGOI: Howdy, neighbors!

HAYA: (SIGHS) You scared us for a second there!

OGOPA: lWe thought you were the Lion Guard.

GOIGOI: Lion Guard? Where? Twern't me! Rairai made me do it!

REIREI: Goigoi...


HAYA: Oh! You don't like 'em either? Well, don't worry. They'll never find us. We totally gave them the slip! I think.

REIREI: I see. Well, now, you just set your minds at ease. We're the furthest thing from the Lion Guard. Believe you me. And...Why exactly were you running away from the Lion Guard?

OGOPA: Because they're mean! And they're scary!

REIREI: Say it, sister!

HAYA: But mainly because Kion's Roar sent us flying out of the Pride Lands!

OGOPA: And then they came after us here! You won't tell them where we are, will you?

REIREI: Don't you worry about that. I promise, the Lion Guard won't find hide nor hair of you. Well, maybe a little hide.

GOIGOI: And maybe a little hair.


REIREI: All we're trying to say is, as your new neighbors, we're going to be such good friends! And you know what friends do...

GOIGOI: Have each other for dinner! Ow!

REIREI: He means, have each other over for dinner.

¶ This is your new home

GOIGOI: ¶ And we are your new friends

REIREI: ¶ No need to keep runnin' ¶ Your trip is at an end

GOIGOI: ¶ We're here for you

REIREI: ¶ We know how you feel

¶ Just stay with us and we'll make you a meal

You'll be safe inside.

GOIGOI: Inside our bellies.

REIREI: Goigoi!

¶ It's gonna be a meal you won't forget

GOIGOI: ¶ It might just be our biggest yet

REIREI: ¶ Now that you're our neighbors and 'cause you look so sweet

GOIGOI: ¶ We'll have you 'round our place and have ourselves a treat

¶ Ain't no need to be scared, y'all

¶ We'd love to help you hide

¶ We promise no one will find you once you're safe inside

REIREI: ¶ This is your new home

¶ And we are your new friends

¶ No need to keep runnin' your trip's at an end

¶ We're here for you

¶ We know how you feel

¶ Just stay with us and we'll make you ¶ A meal

¶ So when you're good and ready

¶ You'll wanna close your eyes

¶ 'Cause we're gonna give you a really big surprise

REIREI: ¶ We just can't wait to have you ¶ As our special guest

GOIGOI: ¶ You'll be gone when it's over, no need to clean our mess

¶ This is your new home

MJOMBA'S PACK: ¶ And you are our new friends

¶ No need to keep runnin' your trip's at an end

¶ You're here for us

GOIGOI & REIREI: ¶ We know how you feel

ALL: ¶ We'll stay with you and

¶ We'll make you a meal

¶ We'll make you a meal (LAUGHS)

¶ Just stay with us and we'll make you

 ¶ A meal ¶

OGOPA: Wow! That was fun! We are so lucky we picked this cave to hide in!

REIREI: Oh, no, honey. We're the lucky ones.

ONO: Yep. They're hiding in that cave all right.

KION: Okay. This time, we need a good plan.

BUNGA: On it. I'll go in alone. Oof!

ALL: No!

BESHTEL Sorry, Little B. Nothin' personal.

KION: Mjomba, will you go into that cave? Tell the other aardwolves we're not a threat?

MJOMBA: Sure. I can do that.

KION: Just pop your head out when you know they won't run. Then we can all go back to the Pride Lands.

MJOMBA: Then I can eat! Unlimited termite feast, here I come!

BUNGA: Almost unlimited! Some of those termites are mine!

FULI: Seriously?

BUNGA: Never too early to call dibs.

MJOMBA: Hello! Any aardwolves at home?

GOIGOI: Private party!

REIREI: Not at all, not at all, the more the merrier!

HAYA: Mjomba! You escaped! How smart! How brave! It is really you, right?

MJOMBA: Yeah, it's me! And I've got good news, the Lion Guard are the good guys. They saved me!

OGOPA: Good guys? No way! They kicked us out of the Pride Lands! (GASPS) Is this another trick? Are they hiding behind you?

MJOMBA: No! And they didn't mean to kick us out! They thought we were hyenas!

HAYA: Hyenas? That's ridiculous! Okay, now I see it.

MJOMBA: Anyway, they want to take us back to the Pride Lands. Since we left, it's crawling with termites!

OGOPA: Mmm. Termites? Crawling with 'em?

MJOMBA: Yeah, and we can eat 'em all! They need us to!

HAYA: You hear that? We can go home and eat termites!

MJOMBA: So, let's go!

REIREI: Hold on a second! I thought we were going to have dinner here.

MJOMBA: Well, I dunno. You got any termites?

REIREI: Trust me, none of you are leaving this cave hungry. In fact, none of you are leaving at all! Goigoi! Push!


KION: Something's not right. Why'd they do that?

FULI: Maybe they're still scared of us?

BESHTE: You think they didn't believe Mjomba?

KION: I promised we'd make things right. Come on! Ono. Can you see through the crack?

ONO: I can try. (GASPS) Hapana! Jackals!

GOIGOI: Should we wait for the kids?

REIREI: We'll bring 'em the leftovers.


BESHTE: Twende Kiboko!

KION: Get away from the aardwolf, Reirei!

FULI: Aardwolves! Follow me!

ONO: All clear, Kion!

REIREI: Kion! So nice of you to drop by! Gotta admit, I wish you'd of come a little later.

KION: I'll bet you do, Rairai. Anybody got Goigoi?

BUNGA: He's not going anywhere.

KION: All right, Rairai. Time for you to go home!

REIREI: You betcha! See ya next visit!

KION: Okay, Bunga!




BUNGA: And stay in there!

RAIRAI: Don't you worry about little ol' us! We love it in here! Don't we, Goigoi? Goigoi?


OGOPA: She seemed like such a good hostess. Until she tried to eat us.

HAYA: Yeah, that sorta spoiled the party.

MJOMBA: I could really use a termite about now. Can we go home and eat?

KION: Best idea I've heard all day.


KION: Hey, buddy, how you doing?

BUNGA: I'm fine. I guess...

BESHTE: Miss the termites?

BUNGA: I'm trying to be brave about it. But I gotta admit... (SNIFFLING) I do miss 'em.

FULI: Well... We've got a little surprise that might make you feel better.

BUNGA: I don't think there's anything that could do that.

ONO: How about a thank you gift from the aardwolves?

BUNGA: They saved me some! Un-Bunga-lievable! Hey, it's working! I really do feel better!



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