Return of the Roar

"Hold still, Zuri. Timon and Pumbaa said they know how to help."

"What's Zuka Zama?"

"There's so many of them."

"What are we going to do?"

"It's charging right towards Kiara!"

Can't Wait to be Queen

"Make way! Make way for the queen!"

"You're queen now, Kiara. Let him bow."

"You didn't have to. You're not the queen."

"What's to admit? The queen is always right."

"She's the queen. We didn't let her do anything. She just did it."

Fuli's New Family

"I'm ready if you are, Kiara, you're our leader!"

"Ooh, Kiara's gonna be so impressed with how I hunt those gazelles!

"Just wait 'til she sees what a tracky-tracker and pouncy-pouncer I can be!"

"Who does she think she is? Hunting right beside the future queen!"

"Why is Fuli all like, 'Look at me! I'm Kiara's new bestie!'"


"Oh, c'mon Kiara! It'll be fun!"

"After all that rain, the flowers smell even sweeter! Which means you'll smell even sweeter for the Buffalo Wallow!"

"Aren't they going to rescue us?"

"Really? Let me see! Does my nose look big to you?"

"I meant I'm sorry we couldn't help you look better."

The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

"Yeah! We already know who you are, Rafiki."

"Wait. I thought we were Kiara's royal advisors."

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