The Theluji Mountains is an area located just outside the Pride Lands. It is home to the gorilla king, King Sokwe his two sons, Hafifu and Majinuni and Shujaa the member of his Troops.


The Theluji Mountains are snow-covered mountains. They have raised mounds and hills in many places, with a variety of different plants and bushes that are able to survive the cold temperatures scattered around. Snow covered rocks are also hiding around the area. Some cliffs are completely covered in frigid ice.


The Lost Gorillas

The Lion Guard are tasked with getting Hafifu and his brother Majinuni back to their home on the mountains after they forget an important message for King Simba from their own father, King Sokwe, regarding a peace treaty.

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Snowball fight!

When the Lion Guard arrive on the mountains, they are entranced by their first ever encounter with snow. For a while, they play together joyously, before remembering their important quest. Kion slips down a slippery part of the mountain, and Hafifu and Majinuni take it upon themselves to rescue Kion, denying Bunga the opportunity. Kion eventually slides towards a cliff, where he hangs on. With Ono unable to grasp the cub tight enough to pull him up, they wait for the gorilla princes to arrive. At first the pair bang into each other, but they soon pull themselves together and rescue Kion in the nick of time. Kion is grateful for their help, and tells them that what they did was real prince material.

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King Sokwe's home

When they finally arrive at King Sokwe's home, he is at first furious with his sons for forgetting the message, forgetting their way home and for needing the Lion Guard to lead them back. Although his sons fear the worst, his father laughs and exclaims "Kuishi ni Kucheka!" as he throws large snowballs on their heads. He tells them that he heard about how they rescued Kion and that he is proud of them. When Kion asks for the message, he notices the huge snowball which Bunga was going to take home as a souvenir for his uncle Timon, and decides that it's 'perfect'.

When the Guard arrive home, Bunga delivers the 'message' by throwing his snowball from the Theluji Mountains on Simba's head. Simba laughs, confirming that it is King Sokwe's way of delivering a peace message.

Beshte and the Beast

Shujaa points to the Theluji Mountains while explaining his routes to the Lion Guard.

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  • The Theluji Mountains are based off the Rwenzori Mountains.
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