KIARA: (SNIFFING) Hmm. Now I got ya. (LAUGHING) Sorry, couldn't help myself.

KION: How'd you find me?

KIARA: Mom's been teaching me how to track by scent. Pretty good, huh?

KION: Or pretty lucky!


SIMBA: She's never found him that quickly before.

NALA: Her tracking skills are improving.

SIMBA: They do seem evenly matched.

NALA: And that means they're ready. Today's the day.

KIARA Ha! Missed again.

NALA: Ahem.

KIARA: Mom! Dad! I caught him faster than ever this time.

KION: Only because I let you.

KIARA: Oh, yeah? You gonna "let" me pin you, too?


SIMBA: Okay, okay. That's enough, you two.


NALA: I have a surprise for you. You're both coming with me on the Trail to Udugu.

KIARA: The Trail to Udugu?

KION: Where's Udugu? I've never heard of it.

KIARA: Is it in the Pride Lands?

NALA: (CHUCKLES) You'll see.

SIMBA; Taking the Trail to Udugu is an important part of growing up in the royal family.

NALA: And all royal siblings make the journey when they're ready.

KIARA: Did you go on it, Dad?

SIMBA: I never had the chance.I don't have a brother or sister. And don't worry about your Lion Guard duties, Kion. While you're gone, I will be leading the Guard.

KION: You will?

SIMBA: Perhaps your friends could learn a thing or two from their King.

KION: Uh, sure. I know Bunga will love it.

FULI: Simba?

ONO: His Royal Highness?

BESHTE:Leading the Lion Guard?

BUNGA: Un-Bunga-lievable!

KION: Don't get too used to him. See you when I'm back from Udugu.

BESHTE: Good luck.

BUNGA: Bye, Kion!

FULI: Bye.

ONO: See you soon!

BESHTE: Poa! The King and us!

FULI: (SIGHS) I'm not worried. He's just like Kion, but bigger.

ONO: How can you be so calm? His Majesty could be here any moment. (GASPS) My feathers! I need to clean up. (PREENING NERVOUSLY) Hapana! The whole lair's a mess!

BUNGA: Relax, Ono! I know Simba pretty well. And you've got nothing to worry about. Let me tell ya what he's like.

¶ You know you're in the presence of greatness

¶ When you're running with the King

¶ Animals bow down before him

¶ Birds flutter and sing


¶ Everyone all over the Pride Lands

¶ Lets you do anything

¶ You know you're in the presence of greatness

¶ When you're running with the King

¶ Things'll be so great

¶ Hanging with lion number one

¶ We'll live like we're kings

¶ The big old tree of fun

¶ Get our food for free no need to hunt or run

¶ The only thing to do is

¶ Lie under the sun

¶ You know you're in the presence of greatness ¶ When you're running with the King

¶ Animals bow down before him

¶ Birds flutter and sing

¶ Everyone all over the Pride Lands


¶ Lets you do anything

¶ You know you're in the presence of greatness

¶ When you're running with the King

¶ Maybe it's the smile or his fabulous shiny mane

¶ Or the way he walks that helps his claim to fame

¶ In the end it don't matter it's really all the same

¶ 'Cause if the King makes mistakes

¶ He never takes the blame

¶ You know you're in the presence of greatness

¶ When you're running with the King

¶ Animals bow down before him

¶ Birds flutter and sing

¶ Everyone all over the Pride Lands

¶ Lets you do anything

¶ 'Cause you know you're in the presence of greatness

¶ When you're running with the King ¶

SIMBA: Ahem.

BUNGA: Oh... (CHUCKLES) Hey there, Simba. Um, uh, Your Highness.

ONO: Sir.

BESHTE: AND FULI: Your Majesty.

SIMBA: Hello, Lion Guard. I will admit, Bunga did get one thing right in his... ...performance.

BUNGA: The way you walk? Your smile? Your fabulously groomed mane?

SIMBA: Uh, no. I am excited to lead the Lion Guard. Now, first things first. Are we ready for morning patrol?

BESHTE: Yes, sir!

FULI: Definitely!

ONO Affirmative! Uh... Your Majesty.

SIMBA: Then let's move out. Lion Guard, follow me.

BUNGA: You heard him, let's go!

NALA: This is nice. It's been so long since the three of us have spent some time together.

KION: What do you think's waiting for us in Udugu?

KIARA: Maybe a bunch of animals who want to meet their future Queen... And her little brother.

KION: "Little brother?" I'm leader of the Lion Guard! If they'd wanna meet anyone, it's me.

KIARA: We'll see about that. Race ya!

KION: You're gonna lose. I run with Fuli every day.

KION: I'll get to Udugu first!

KIARA: Oh, no, you won't!


NALA: You two could compete over anything, couldn't you?

BOTH: Yes!


NALA: At least you agree on that. Come on. We have a long way to go.


ONO: Uh, Your Majesty?

SIMBA: Yes, Ono?

ONO: Well, it's not a big deal... But, uh...

FULI: Ono's trying to say that on morning patrol, Kion usually goes this way.

SIMBA: Is that so? And is Kion here?

BESHTE: No, sir.

BUNGA: You heard the King. We'll go this way for a change. It'll be fun.

SIMBA: Yes. "Fun."

KION: Mom, how much longer will it take to get to Udugu?

NALA: That's a tough question. Udugu isn't easy to find.

KIARA: Don't worry, I'll find it. I'm a better tracker than you.

KION: We'll see about that! (BOTH LAUGHING)

KION:  You really think you can find Udugu before me?

KIARA: Just watch me.

NALA: Kion, Kiara, be careful!


NALA: I got you.

KIARA: Thanks.

KION: Thanks, mom.

NALA: That is definitely not the way to find Udugu.


ONO: (GASPS) Hapana! Everyone, look! A...

SIMBA: A mud slide! Straight ahead!

ONO: Uh, yes, sire. And the mud's headed right for...

SIMBA: The ostrich herd's nest! If we don't move fast, the mud will sweep the eggs off the cliff!

ONO: Affirmative. I was just about to say that.

SIMBA: We'll have to act fast. I'll move that log, so it diverts the mud away from the nest!

FULI: What should we do?

SIMBA: Just stick together and follow me.

FULI: Just stick together and follow him?

BUNGA That's what he said.

BESHTE: And he is the King.

MBUNI: Our eggs! Our eggs!

SIMBA: This way, Lion Guard! Jump from rock to rock!

BESHTE: Uh, jump from rock to rock? Usually, Kion just has me run through the mud.

FULI: Yeah, but Kion's not in charge right now. Simba is.

SIMBA: Lion Guard, come on!

BUNGA: And it sounds like he really wants us to follow him.

ONO: Just try your best?

BESHTE: Okay. Here goes. Twende Kiboko! Oh!




SIMBA: There.That should do the trick. Now let's continue our patrol. Lion Guard, follow me!


ONO: We're gonna hit the log!

SIMBA: Lion Guard, the log! It's rolling towards the nest!

FULI: I'll grab the eggs! (GRUNTS) Or maybe I won't.

ONO: There's too much mud. I can't fly.

BESHTE: I got this. (GRUNTING)

BUNGA: Good thinking, Big B! Now the log's not gonna roll over the eggs.

ONO: But the log was protecting the eggs from the mud.

BESHTE: Oh, no!

BUNGA: (GASPS) Grab the eggs!

ONO: (GASPS) We missed one!

SIMBA: I have it!  Ostriches, your eggs are safe.

MBUNI: Thank you, Your Majesty. Thank you. To think our eggs were personally saved by the King! What an honor!

SIMBA: It was my pleasure, Mbuni. So, our first mission was a success.

BESHTE: Uh, yes, Your Majesty.

BUNGA: Yeah!

FULI: Yep.

ONO: Affirmative. 

KION: Is this really the trail to Udugu?

NALA: It is.

KIARA: If you tell us where Udugu is, I bet I can find an easier path.

NALA: There is no easy path to Udugu. But there is a way to get through all these thorns without a scratch. See?

KION: Yeah! I can crawl under the branches to get through the thorns. Ow. (GRUNTS) Ouch!

NALA: That wasn't exactly what I meant.

KIARA: (CHUCKLES) Of course not. Over the thorns is the way to go. (GRUNTS) Whoa! Ouch!

NALA: I don't think either of you is understanding me.

KION: What's wrong, Kiara? Isn't your... (GRUNTING) ...plan working?

KIARA: I'm... Ow! ...fine. I know exactly... (YELPS) ...what I'm doing.

NALA: I hope they make it.

KION: This is definitely... (GRUNTS) ...the right way, Kiara. I'm almost through!

KIARA: And I'm almost at the branch. After that it'll be... (GROANS)...easy! Right, Mom?


KION: Mom?


BOTH: Mom?

NALA: Now they're truly on the Trail to Udugu.

SIMBA: That was so exciting. Your first rescue with the King. I wonder what our next challenge will be. Well, let's go, Lion Guard.

BESHTE: At least he's not mad at us for almost losing that egg.

FULI: Why should he be? It's not your fault you can't jump like a lion. What's the point of being a team if we're all gonna do the same thing?

BUNGA: Fuli, he's the King! He's gotta know what he's doing... Doesn't he?

BESHTE: Maybe we just need to do it more Simba's way?

ONO: Everyone! Everyone! The gazelles...

SIMBA: The gazelles need our help! Lion Guard, follow me!

ONO: (SIGHS) That's what I was going to say...

KIARA: Mom? Mom! No sign of Mom on my side. Have you found anything? Kion?

KION: Nothing over here.

KIARA: (SIGHS SOFTLY) How could she just disappear? Mom!

KION: We'll find her. We just have to keep looking. Try your side again.

KIARA: I tried my side. If she was there I'd have seen her.

KION: I know, I just... I can't find her either. If we knew where this Udugu place was, maybe we could meet her there.

KIARA: Or we could track her. (SNIFFING) Got her! She went this way. Come on!


KION: Kiara, look! Paw prints. They look fresh. We must be getting close.

KIARA: Come on.


KIARA: What? They just stop right here?

KION: Hevi kabisa! Where did Mom go?

SIMBA: The gazelles are just over the next ridge. There!

ONO: Swala and the other gazelles must be looking for a route up to that grassland. But those rocks...

SIMBA: They're unstable. The rocks will fall if the gazelles jump on them. Lion Guard, follow me!

BESHTE: Should we remind him how easily gazelles spook when they're surprised?

BUNGA: Nah! Simba knows what he's doing. It'll be fine.

SWALA: What's that? Something's coming!

ALL GAZELLES: (PANICKED) Something's coming! Something's coming! Something's coming!

SIMBA: They're spooked. Now we really need to hurry. Lion Guard, follow me!


ONO: Everyone, stop! The cliff is collapsing!

FULI: Ono, warn Simba!

ONO: Affirmative!

(GASPS) Oh, no!

ONO: Simba! Your Majesty? Simba!


SIMBA: Good to see you, Ono.

ONO: Your Majesty! Everyone, he's over here.

BESTHTE:  Are you all right?

SIMBA: I'm okay. Just a little stuck.

KION: This can't be right. Mom couldn't just disappear.

KIARA: I don't get it. We followed her trail. How can it just end?

KION: Maybe it doesn't. There's a ledge and a trail. I bet Mom jumped up there.

KIARA: Then we will too. Ready?

KION: One, two, three!


KIARA: Not even close.

KION: If Mom could get up there, we can too.

KIARA: Mom's twice our size, Kion. How can we keep tracking her if we can't jump up?

KION: I've got it! I'll give you a boost, then you can keep tracking her.

KIARA: But what about you?

KION: One of us has to boost the other, and the truth is... You're the better tracker.

KIARA: I won't argue that. Though you're the one who saw the tracks and figured out Mom jumped.

KION: So we make a good team. And that's how we'll find Mom, by working together.

KION: Now up you go.


KION: I gotcha! Hang on.

KIARA: (STRAINING) Just a little closer.

KION: How's that?

KIARA: (STRAINING) I think I'm gonna make it. KIARA: Yes! (PANTING)

KION: We did it!

KIARA: (GASPS) I don't believe it.

KION: Kiara, what's going on?

NALA: Hello down there.

KION: (CHUCKLES) Mom! Mom, why did you disappear? I thought you were gonna show us the way to Udugu.

NALA: Actually, I think you've already found Udugu.

KIARA: We have?

KION: Is it that big rock?

NALA: No, Kion. Come on down, Kiara, and I'll explain.

KIARA: Uh, okay.

NALA: You see, kids, Udugu isn't a place. Udugu is another word for kinship. It's the special bond between siblings. You found Udugu when you decided to work together to look for me.

KION: We did?

NALA: Yes. And I'm very proud of you.

BUNGA: Un-Bunga-lievable. You're one lucky lion. You could have gotten smushed.

BESHTE: Don't worry, Your Majesty. We'll get you free.


ONO: That sounds like...

SIMBA: Ostriches!

ONO: (GASPS) Hapana! It's... Oh, uh...

SIMBA: Well? It's what?

ONO: Sorry. I thought you were going to say it. The gazelles! They're stampeding straight for the ostriches and their nest!

FULI: Bad day to be an ostrich egg.

BESHTE: Your Majesty, what do we do?

SIMBA: You have to stop the gazelles.

BUNGA: And leave you here?

SIMBA: I'll be fine. You need to hurry.


ONO: Everyone, heads up!




BUNGA: Whew! Thanks, Fuli.

FULI:  Thank Ono. He saw the boulder.

ONO: We all try to do what we do best.

BESHTE: That's why we're a great team.

SIMBA: That is why, isn't it?

FULI: We can't leave Simba here. It's not safe.

BESHTE: But he told us to go after the gazelles.

SIMBA: Lion Guard! All day I've been telling you to follow me, and do what I do. But that's not how your team works. So tell me. If I were Kion, how would you handle this?

FULI: We'd split up. Ono and I would go after the herd. Beshte and Bunga would stay to free you.

SIMBA: Then those are my orders.

BUNGA: Wait, wait, wait, wait! There's one more thing Kion would do. Right?

SIMBA: Till the Pride Lands end...

ALL: Lion Guard defend!


FULI: I'll calm the ostriches. You talk to the gazelles.

ONO: Affirmative! Just remember, be soft and soothing.

FULI: You know me! Hey, ostriches! Ostriches! Ostriches!




FULI: (SIGHS) That's better.

ONO: Hello? Swala, gazelles, please slow down.

SWALA: What's that, Ono? Can't hear you.


SWALA: Whoa! Everybody, I can't hear Ono. Quiet! Stop! Now, what were you saying, Ono?

ONO: Uh, never mind. That was weird. How'd you calm the ostriches?

FULI: Soft and soothing. Just like you said.

BUNGA: Don't worry, Your Highness. We'll have you out of there in no time. (SOFTLY) Careful, Big B. If you let the boulder roll the wrong way it'll squish him.

SIMBA: Bunga, you know I can hear you, right?

BUNGA: Uh, sure, I knew that. Did you know that?

BESHTE: Yep. Twende Kiboko! (BESHTE GRUNTS)

BUNGA: All clear!


BUNGA: Uh-oh. Let's get out of here!


BUNGA:  Whoo!That was un-Bunga-lievable! I kinda wanna do it again.

FULI: Nice job, guys. Simba's safe, and so are the gazelles and ostriches.

SIMBA: That's because you did it your way. Kion would be proud of you. And so am I.

SIMBA: So, everyone, how was your journey? Did you find Udugu?

KION: We found it. But it's not really a place.

KIARA: It's about us working together as brother and sister. As a team.

KION: How did things go with the Guard?

SIMBA: Well, in a way, the Guard helped me find Udugu, too.

NALA: It's an important lesson.

SIMBA: It is, especially for you two. And as Queen of the Pride Lands and leader of the Lion Guard, someday you will be responsible for all of this.

NALA: So hold on to what you learned today. Then you'll always have Udugu.

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