The Missing Ingredient is a comic based on The Lion Guard that is featured in issue 4 of The Lion Guard Magazine.

There are two pathways for the reader to choose from and both lead to the same outcome.


The Lion Guard notice Rafiki painting in The Lair of the Lion Guard. Ono quickly notices that he's painting him in the wrong shade, and Bunga offers to tell him direct. In doing so, Bunga manages to knock some red and blue paint off a tree branch as he shows off, upsetting Rafiki who can't continue the painting without those colors. Kion asks him if he can mix more paints, but Rafiki explains it's not so simple, and that he needs special ingredients. The red plants for the paint can be found in the valley where the sun sets and the blue plants where the moon rises.

Kion tells the Guard that this is their new mission, to find the plants. Beshte is worried, since that will take them over a day. But eventually, it is decided that Ono, Beshte and Fuli will travel to the valley where the sun sets and Kion and Bunga will traverse to where the moon rises, with Rafiki giving them each a small twig containing a few of the flowers he needs.

Ono's Route

After a long, tiring journey, Ono's team find the canyon where the red plants grow. However, Ono soon realises that many of the plants look alike, and they have to locate the correct flowers.

Bunga's Route

Night falls, and Bunga becomes worried. Kion is not, for not only have they found their location, the moon will guide them back. They search for the flowers but soon discover that they look similar to one another, and have to choose the right ones.


The Lion Guard return to Rafiki with bunches of the flowers, only to discover that he's already finished his painting. After they left, he located some more paints. Bunga is dishearted after going through all that effort, but Rafiki reveals that by getting him the flowers, he managed to find the special ingredient - peace and quiet.


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