The Lion King Family Tree is a book inspired by The Lion Guard and The Lion King. It was released on October 18th 2017.[1]

Author's Description

The Lion King Family Tree takes children through the storied bloodline (and in-laws) from Mufasa through Kion (and more) of the amazingly awesome, current Lion Guard family. In preschool, one of the first learning exercise for a child is for them to learn how they relate to his or her family. As a result, family trees are the foundation from which all schooling in America is built. And through The Lion King family, children can compare themselves and their family trees to one of the greatest family trees ever created. Includes bios of each character as well as cool tree-branch design features that bring the reader from page to page. Within those pages there is room for children to insert themselves, making this book an interactive family event.


  • The book was originally set to be released on April 18, 2017.[2]


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