The Lion Guard to the Rescue (also known as A Guarda do Leão Ao resgate! or La Guardia Del León ¡Al rescate!) is a browser game based on The Lion Guard.[1]


The object of the game is to complete a series of challenges and earn puzzle pieces of each member of the Lion Guard. Once all four challenges have been completed, the puzzle pieces form an image of a Guard member and the game returns to the title screen with the Guard member now colored in. Pressing play begins the games again on a harder mode with a new member of the Guard to unlock. Once all members of the Lion Guard are unlocked, the game offers the option to restart.


There are four minigames in total. Each one changes based on how many members have been saved. There are no penalties for getting the wrong answer in any of the games.

Hide and Seek

Kion, Beshte, Fuli, Ono and Bunga are hiding behind some rocks. Users need to click on the Lion Guard member shown in the circle on the bottom right corner of the screen. After a while, the members will return behind the rocks if not selected, and pop up elsewhere after a while.

In later levels, the amount of Lion Guard members you need to find are increased.


Players will be asked to memorize the order of the Lion Guard members as the AI chooses them. After the AI has shown which members, players must repeat by clicking them in the same order. The game starts off with two members to memorize, and the game will add an extra member onto the chain each time.

In later levels, the full amount of Lion Guard members that you need to remember the order of will increase.

Spot the Difference

The player will need to spot three differences between two images. The image is of whatever member of the Lion Guard you are currently collecting puzzle pieces for.

Unlike the other minigames, this one does not increase in difficulty, and remains consistent with three mistakes in each image.


The Lion Guard member that the player is collecting pieces for is lost in the Outlands. To get them out of their situation, the player must click on the incorrect pieces in the road to rotate them around until they form a direct path from one end to the other.

In later levels, the amount of pieces that need rotating increase, and the pieces tend to have more paths.



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