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This article is about the Disney Jr. App game. You may be looking for the PC game.

The Lion Guard to the Rescue is an app game based on The Lion Guard[1]. It can be played using the Disney Junior App.


The aim of the game is to save the animals by collecting Power Medallions and using the Roar of the Elders to defeat the hyenas.

Kion can call upon the rest of the Lion Guard to help him with this quest.


Players control Kion by tapping on the path where they would like him to move to. After a certain amount of Power Medallions have been obtained, Kion needs to locate an animal in danger and step on a pad. He can use his power up to summon a member of the Lion Guard, who, after charging their own power, will destroy whatever is trapping the animal in danger.

Obstacles in the game include spikes and hyenas. Kion has three Paw Prints and, once all three are lost, it's game over. Paw Prints can be restored by locating a Paw Print power up on the board.

After an animal is rescued, it will appear as a painting.



The Lion Guard to the Rescue How to Play

The Lion Guard to the Rescue How to Play



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