If you would like to make edits here, that's great! We have a few rules that all members and admins need to adhere to.

Please note - if you break some of these rules deliberately within your first week of editing (spam, inserting fanon or foul language) you will skip the warning procedure and be given a short ban, long enough for you to actually read the rules entirely.

Wiki Rules

  • Like many Wikis, we do not allow foul/disrespectful language here. This includes articles, blogs and wall posts. Videos containing this type of language will also be removed.
    • Similarly, please be courteous to your fellow editors. If you have an edit disagreement, try to work it out with the other editor. If problems persist, seek an admin. On that note, even if an admin has made an edit which you disagree with, leave a post on their wall, along with your reason(s) as to why you believe this should be changed.
  • Harassing any member is absolutely out of the question. If you have a problem with a member, contact an admin.
  • Under no circumstances should you edit anyone's profile except your own.
  • When adding a new page that will no doubt contain plentiful information, please add at least 3 full sentences to the article. Stubby articles are okay! But they should still have enough information to warrant a full page for them. Exceptions to this rule are short voice actor or crew member pages.
  • New categories must be approved by an admin. The exception to this rule is if it is an 'automatic' category (such as a character gallery).
  • When adding quotes, please keep it limited to a max of 5 per episode.
  • Spamming is not allowed anywhere on this wiki. This includes but is not limited to - articles, forums, discussions, comments.
  • Do not add future episode summaries/information to character articles. So if a preview shows Janja being reformed, you don't add that to his profile until AFTER the episode has aired.
  • Please do not create 'placeholders' on the site. This includes leaving a header for the latest episode and leaving it blank. If you're going to add a header, write down a bit of info first.
  • This should go without saying, but we are not a fanon wiki. Your fan episodes don't belong here.

Chat & Forum Rules

  • No foul/disrespectful language is allowed here.
  • If your post contains spoilers for an episode that has aired up to 3 days ago, please warn people before posting (applies to all messages in chat and starting new forum posts). Avoid using spoilers for titles.
  • For chat, do not harass other members through a private message.
  • For the forums, please do not post one word sentences (like 'Oh' or 'Cool') as this can come across as spammy. The exception to this is if you're voting for something.
  • If you would like to advertise a link, be it another wiki or a post or website made by you elsewhere, you may do so once.

Article Comment Rules

  • As usual, please be courteous to your fellow editors.
  • Please be aware that image based comments may be deleted without warning. Some of our articles will get long as time goes by, and it's not helping to have other images in the comments.

International Songs

For additional help, please contact Beshte.

  • The quality of the song is more important than the quality of the video. If a song sounds "tinny" but has a HD video playing, a high quality song with no video is preferred.
  • Videos only need to be replaced when the song quality is significantly better, or when the video contains a full episode clip rather than just the song.
    • In the case of low quality music but short intro, high quality music (with additional episode clip) takes priority.
  • Videos containing lyrics should not be replaced unless there is a significant difference in the song quality.
  • Excluding music videos, short versions of songs should not be added, only full versions.

What to Upload

  • This is a wiki dedicated to The Lion Guard. With that in mind, please do not upload content pertaining to The Lion King, The Lion King II or The Lion King 1½. This includes screenshots, quotes and general information. The exception to this is if it is being used to compare something taken from The Lion Guard (like this):
  • Likewise, characters that do not canonically exist in The Lion Guard universe should not be included (for example, Sarabi has yet to be mentioned and thus should not have an article).
    • On that note, events that happened at the end of Simba's Pride are also not canon just yet (so Kovu is not Kiara's mate just yet, and this information should not be added to any article).
  • If using content from another Wiki, you must use a template which links back and credits said Wiki.
  • PNG files are preferred, though we do allow other file formats on the Wiki. Having said that, try to avoid BMP files, as they often take a long time to load!
  • Videos that are relevant to the Wiki. Videos containing fan content must not be added to articles, and unless you're planning to add them to your own user profile or a forum post, should not be uploaded at all. Please also avoid uploading Multilanguage videos and text-based update videos for articles. Finally, please do not add the same video more than once.
    • Since Disney frequently block people from outside the origin country, we recommend that you locate an alternative if possible as well (but this is not necessary).
  • If you'd like to upload something for your userpage/profile that isn't related to The Lion Guard or is not official artwork, please tag the image with 'User Image'. Images without this risk being deleted by an admin. Do not upload fanart that has not been made by yourself.
  • When creating character articles, keep in mind that they must either be named in the credits or have a significant role in the episode before they can have an article.


We are a very relaxed Wiki, but if you are found to be breaking the rules constantly and ignoring admin warnings, we will have no choice but to issue a temporary ban. If, after that you return and continue ignoring the rules, a permanent ban will be issued. Depending on the severity of the rule break (for example, if you ignore the warning completely and immediately continue to break a rule) this can change.

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