You want to help out? Great! Here are a few tips on how to get started with this Wiki. If you've been on other Wikis, you can probably skip over this. Please check out our Rules & Guidelines first!


Above all, these articles need work.

  • Transcripts needing cleaning - When a new transcript is added, almost all names are missing, the spacing is off and it looks a mess. It's a huge help to us if you could add names and remove unnecessary spaces!
  • Animal pages. These are mostly found on the Pride Landers page. These should contain a small amount of information on the real animal as well as those found within The Lion Guard.
  • Voice actor pages. There are several voice actor pages that really need to be added!

Writing Ethics

Please do not use chatspeak when writing or editing articles for starters. It's okay if English is not your first language - An admin will likely clear up any mistakes you might make. You will not get banned or in trouble for making mistakes like these!

Backing up sources

Not required, but very helpful to us. If you've found something such as a new character or episode synopsis, use this tag:

  • [(web address) Site title]

...right after the text/character you found it from. Add this to the bottom (under a references header):

  • <references />

Good article examples

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