So you've joined the wiki, and now you want to learn to edit like a pro. Fantastic! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about advanced editing on The Lion Guard Wiki. If you ever want to be an admin on the wiki, you'll need to know this stuff!

Remember! If you're still confused, check out the source code for a page. You'll soon get the gist of how things work. You can even copy-paste another article's structure to start you off! Just remember to remove the details from the article first.

This article has been made with the assumption that you know the very basics of editing a wiki.


First things first. The vast majority of this wikia uses various templates, which might hinder those using the default VisualEditor. That's not to say you're out of luck if you use it, but things work so much faster when you're using either Classic rich-text editor or Source editor (recommended by most admins on this wikia).

To change your editor, click on your profile at the top right corner, select My Preferences and find this option under Editing.


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Remember to click Save!

Creating Articles

We have one very specific rule on the creation of new articles - make it worth it. Don't just add a short sentence for a character. Take time to make sure that people who click on the link will at least get a bit of good info on the character, for instance.

Editing Articles

You probably know what button to click to bring up your edit page. So here's where we'll explain the templates this wikia uses before anything else, since these are usually what cause the most confusion (and that's fine, they can be tricky).


The vast majority of articles use navigational templates. These are added to the beginning of an article, like this:


When used, it will look like this:


And really, that's the only real difference between this wikia and a lot of other wikias out there. And even then, there are a good amount of wikias with similar templates anyway.

Here is a table of what templates should be used on what sort of page:


Type of Article Character Appearances Quotes Gallery Sub-Gallery
Character {{CharacterInfo}} {{AppearancesInfo}} {{QuotesInfo}} {{GalleryInfo}} {{Gallerysub}}
Character (no speaking roles) {{Silent}} {{SilentAppearances}} N/A {{GallerySilentInfo}} {{GallerySilentSub}}

A character will just one speaking role falls under the 'no speaking roles' category, since that one quote will be used on the page.

A Sub-Gallery is anything that links off the main gallery. For example, Kion/Gallery/Follow That Hippo! is a sub-gallery.


Song Articles Song Gallery International
Song {{SongInfo}} {{SongGallery}} {{SongInfoInt}}
Song (no gallery) {{SongInfoInt2}} N/A {{SongInfoInt}}
Song (no international) {{SongInfoSolo}} {{SongGallerySolo}} N/A

You need not worry too much on the song articles. Resident admin Beshte will be around to clean them up.


Episode Trivia Gallery Transcript Credits
{{EpisodeInfo}} {{TriviaInfo}} {{EpisodeGallery}} {{Transcript}} {{CreditsInfo}}

All Others

For almost all other articles, you can use the following two nav templates to start you off:

{{Info}} and {{InfoGallery}}


Infoboxes are very important. They are used on every main text article in the wiki. Here are the ones you will likely find useful:

Clicking on each one will give you a template which you can copy and paste.

With the exception of the episode infobox, you should know that you don't have to include everything. Made a character infobox but don't know who voices them? Just remove the "va=" line.

Also, you don't need to put a name on most infoboxes. The code will automatically generate the page name. You can also leave an image at simply 'Name.png' rather than 'File:Name.png'.

Nav Boxes

Still important, these are just added to the end to make it easier for one to find an article in the category. Here are the ones you might use:





These will show up looking something like this:

The Lion Guard Episodes
Special Episodes
Return of the RoarThe Rise of Scar
Season One
Never Judge a Hyena by Its SpotsThe Rise of MakuuBunga the WiseCan't Wait to be QueenEye of the BeholderThe Kupatana CelebrationFuli's New FamilyThe Search for UtamuFollow That Hippo!The Call of the DrongoPaintings and PredictionsThe Mbali Fields MigrationBunga and the KingThe Imaginary OkapiToo Many TermitesThe Trouble With GalagosJanja's New CrewBaboons!Beware the ZimwiLions of the OutlandsNever Roar AgainThe Lost GorillasThe Trail to UduguOno's IdolBeshte and the Hippo LanesOno the Tickbird
Season Two
Babysitter BungaThe Savannah SummitThe Traveling Baboon ShowOno and the EggLet Sleeping Crocs LieSwept AwayRafiki's New NeighborsRescue in the OutlandsThe Ukumbusho TraditionThe Bite of KengeTimon and Pumbaa's ChristmasThe Morning ReportThe Golden ZebraThe Little GuyDivide and ConquerThe Scorpion's StingThe Wisdom of KongweThe Kilio Valley FireUndercover Kinyonga

These are placed at the bottom of an article, after all the text.

Adding Images & Videos

We're not going to spend too much time on this one, since adding images is very basic. The specific image size for this wikia is 220px. Images should be saved as a PNG file. An example:

[[File:Ushari-ffhp.png|thumb|Testing image|220px|center]]

Which will be:


Testing image

Videos are added the same way. The video size will vary depending on what sort of page you're uploading to.

And that's pretty much it. If you still have concerns, always contact an Admin who will help you.

Adding Character Appearances

The wiki now uses a table with small avatars to display characters that have appeared in an episode (or at least, the ones with an article on the wiki).

The tables themselves will almost always be created by an admin shortly after the announcement of a new episode. But if not, you're free to add them yourself if you're comfortable with tables.

But if you're not, or you just want to add a character to an existing list, here's how to do it.

Regular Character

| [[File:CHARACTER-profile.png|link=CHARACTER]] [[CHARACTER]]<br />&nbsp;

Silent / Debut Character

| [[File:CHARACTER-profile.png|link=CHARACTER]] [[CHARACTER]] <br /> <font size=1>(XXX)</font>

XXX = silent cameo / debut / silent debut / mentioned

Remember: Each table is capable of using up to 8 characters per row. After this, the following should be added on a new line: