The Lion Guard Interactive Zone (Zona interactiva La Guardia del León) was an interactive experience based on The Lion Guard that appeared at Oakland Mall on 5th May 2016 until 31st May 2016.


Much like The Lion Guard Experience, the event consisted of several areas where guests were able to participate in various experiences. An area for each member of the Lion Guard existed, along with two additional sections. At the end of the event, guests would receive a souvenir photograph. The entry fee was Q10 per child and adults were allowed in free.


Los rugidos de Kion (The Roars of Kion)

Guests could test the strength of their roars.

El vuelo de Ono (Ono's Flight)

Guests could go zip-lining.

El arenero de Bunga (Bunga's Sandbox)

Guests could dig for animal bones in a large sandbox.

La cueva de Fuli (Fuli's Cave)

Guests were able to discover hieroglpyhs that would tell them the story of The Lion Guard in this area.

La zona de Bashte (Beshte's Zone)

Guests were able to color and create masks of the Lion Guard crew.

Pinta caritas (Cute Paints)

A face painting booth.

La estación de las hienas (The Hyenas Station)

Guests could get a souvenir photo in this area.


  • One of the artworks featured on the wall is the early cover for Meet the New Guard.
  • In addition to this, one of the artworks on the wall is not official Disney art - it is a piece of fanart.


The Lion Guard Interactive Zone

The Lion Guard Interactive Zone