Beau Black

Fujo, fujo, hevi fujo
Fujo, fujo, hevi fujo
Fujo, fujo, hevi fujo
Fujo, fujo, hevi fujo
There's danger in the Pride Lands, it's surrounding you
There's dry season danger, so what can you do?
Danger on the left, danger on the right
Trust in the Guard to keep the peace in sight
Fujo, fujo, hevi fujo
Fujo, fujo, hevi fujo
Defenders of the Pride Lands, work so hard, it's true
Lion Guard defenders, come to rescue you
Danger on the left, danger on the right
Trust in the Guard to keep the peace in sight
Fujo, fujo, hevi fujo
Oh, dry season trouble
Fujo, fujo, hevi fujo
Oh, big time trouble
Hevi fujo
Hevi fujo
With danger on the left, danger on the right
Trust in the Guard to keep the peace in sight
Fujo, fujo, hevi fujo
Oh, dry season trouble
Fujo, fujo, hevi fujo
Oh, big time trouble
Fujo, fujo, hevi fujo
Here come that dry season trouble
Fujo, fujo, hevi fujo
Oh, big time trouble
Fujo, fujo, hevi fujo
Fujo, fujo, hevi fujo

Kion: Lion Guard! Let's go!

Female Giraffe: (STRAINING)

Bunga: (GRUNTS)

Female Giraffe: Thanks, Lion Guard.

Ono: Everyone! Everyone! Ma Tembo and the elephants. They're under attack!

Kion: Another emergency?

Bunga: Un-Bunga-lievable!

Beshte: That's the fifth one today. And it's still morning!

Kion: And this is just the start of the dry season!

Fuli: Huh, guess it's gonna be one of those days.

Kion: Yeah, I guess so. C'mon everybody, let's go! Till the Pride Lands end...

ALL: Lion Guard defend!



Nne: You sure about this, Janja?

Janja: Sure I'm sure. Elephants are delicious this time a year!


Janja: 'Specially the little ones.


Cheezi: Come here elephant!

Chungu: Yeah! We just wanna eat ya!

Mtoto: Agh! Get away!


Ma Tembo: Don't let them frighten you! Keep the young ones in the center of the herd!



Fuli: Oh, what are the hyenas even thinking taking on elephants?

Beshte: Like my dad always says. "Live long enough, and you'll see everything!"

Kion: Well, I've seen enough!


Bunga: Yeah! Give'em the Roar, Kion! Send those hyenas flyin'!

Kion: No. It's way too crazy down there. If I use the Roar, I might hurt the elephants too. Bunga. You, me, and Ono will chase the hyenas out of the herd. Fuli, you round'em up. Beshte? You send'em flying.

Beshte: You got it, Kion!

Bunga: Yaaaahhhh!


Ono: Get! Away! From the elephants!


Chungu: Hey! Watch where you're pointin' that beak! (GRUNTING)

Mtoto: (PANTING)


Janja: Now we got ya!

Nne: Yeah!

Mtoto: Ahhh!

Kion: (ROARS) Janja!


Janja: Kion! Uh, have ya met Nne? Nne? Kion. Talk amongst yerselves!


Nne: (WHIMPERS) Wait for me Janja!

Fuli: Oh, no you don't!


Janja: Uh...C'mon, boys! This way!


Kion: Beshte! Now!

Beshte: Twende Kiboko!

Janja: Oh, no...



Ushari: Huh?


Ushari: Phew!

Kion: Get outta here, Janja!

Janja: C'mon, fellas! Let's scram!



Bunga: Guess we showed them!

Ushari: Ugh. Every time I run into the Lion Guard, I'm the one getting run over. Someday, they'll regret it.

Kion: Is everyone all right?

Ma Tembo: Yes, thanks to you and the Guard.

Fuli: I still can't believe the hyenas would try to attack you elephants.

Ma Tembo: I expect there isn't much left for them to eat in the Outlands.

Kion: Maybe if they respected the Circle of Life they'd still have food to eat.

Ma Tembo: Perhaps. But the dry times are hard for everyone. Even us elephants.

Ono: Have you found a new water source for your herd?

Ma Tembo: No. But this is my first time leading the search. Hearing the underground water is a bit more difficult than I expected. And attacks from hyenas don't help.

Beshte: Well now that they're gone, you're safe to keep looking.

Zito: Yes, Ma Tembo! Keep looking!

Mtoto: Water, here we come!


Ma Tembo: Yes. Here we come. Caring for others during the dry season is a bigger responsibility than I was expecting.

Kion: I know exactly what you mean (ELEPHANT TRUMPETS)

Kion: Ono, keep an eye on the elephants in case the hyenas come back.

Ono: Affirmative!


Fuli: We heading back to the Lair?

Kion: I'll meet up with you there. I need to talk to someone first.


Mufasa: Kion. Something's troubling you.

Kion: Yes, Grandfather. The dry season has just started and the Guard's been busier than ever. It seems like everybody needs the Lion Guard's help What did they do before we were here? Can't they take care of themselves?


Kion: Yeah. I guess.

Mufasa: The Lion Guard has done a wonderful job protecting the Pride Lands during the wet season. But the dry season will bring even more challenges.

Kion: I know. There's less food and water, And the heat slows everyone down.

Mufasa: And you know what happens when animals are tired, hungry, and thirsty.

Kion: They don't always make the best decisions. The dry season's even got me feeling kinda snippy.


Kion: I know. I'll be careful not to lose control of the Roar.

Makini: Oh!

Kion: Thank you, Grandfather. (GASPS)

Makini: You were talking to your grandfather Mufasa, weren't you?

Kion: What? How did you...Who are you?

Makini: I'm Makini! I'm Rafiki's new apprentice!

Kion: Rafiki's new apprentice? Oh, well that explains...

Makini: Yep! That's me. Someday I'll be a Royal Mjuzi knowledge keeper of the Pride Lands, just like him! It's soooooo exciting! Rafiki says if I'm quiet I'll be able hear Lions of the Past like he does. But I still haven't heard them! I only heard what you were saying. Can you believe it? I can't believe it.

Kion: I kinda believe it.

Makini: But then again, I only learned about it yesterday! It's so amazing you can talk to Mufasa like that!

Ushari: Talk to Mufasa?

Kion: Makini, shh! Rafiki doesn't talk about being able to hear the Lions of the Past. If everyone knew the things Rafiki can do, nobody in the Pride Lands would leave him alone!

Makini: Oh, yeah...

Kion: Even I only talk to Mufasa when I really need advice.

Ushari: Hmm. No wonder Kion always outsmarts the hyenas. He's getting advice from the wisest lion the Pride Lands has ever known!

Makini: Speaking of Rafiki, I'm on my way to his tree right now. 'Cause, you know, today's my big day!

♪ For now is my time

♪ Today is my day

♪ I'm finally here

♪ And nothing can stand in my... ♪

Ono: Kion! Kion!


Ono: The hyenas! They're back!

Kion: What? Don't tell me they're after the elephants again.

Ono: Uh, no. Not really. Now they're after the baboons that have started following the elephants.

Kion: Okay. Go tell the rest of the Guard.

Ono: I flew by the Lair first. They're already on their way.

Kion: Then let's go! Nice meeting you, Makini! Good luck training with Rafiki!

Makini: Thanks, Kion!


(HYENAS LAUGHING) Janja: Split up boys! Get as many baboons as you can!


Tano: I can almost taste'em!

Beshte: Oh, yeah? Taste this!


Beshte: Twende Kiboko.





Fuli: Ugh! Oh. Baboons! Don't you get it? We're trying to help you!

Bunga: C'mon, Fuli! This is kinda fun! (WHOOPING) Whoa!


Bunga: Ha! There ya go. Hey!


Bunga: I can't rescue you if you won't stay rescued!

Kion: Lion Guard! Regroup!

Fuli: Kion! Am I glad to see you! Every time we save a baboon, they run off after the elephants again.

Bunga: And then the hyenas go after the baboons again!

Kion: Don't worry. I've got a plan.

Beshte: Want me to send'em flyin' again?

Kion: Not this time, Beshte. Ono, have Ma Tembo lead the elephants to the base of that cliff wall. You three, make sure the baboons keep following the elephants.

Ono: But Kion? Then the hyenas will have the elephants and baboons cornered.

Kion: That's exactly what I want the hyenas to think.

Bunga: What are you gonna do Kion?

Kion: I'm going to the top of that cliff.

Ma Tembo: This way, everyone! Hurry!

Big Baboon: Ooh, ooh! Yes! Follow Ma Tembo!




Bunga: That's right, baboonies! Keep goin'!

Janja: (LAUGHING) C'mon boys! They're headed for that cliff wall! We got 'em cornered! (LAUGHING)

Fuli: That's far enough, Janja!

Beshte: Go on back to the Outlands!

Janja: And leave this baboon-elephant feast behind? Oh, I don't think so!

Kion: Janja!


Kion: I've had enough of you and your hyenas!

Fuli: Uh, Kion?


Kion: Right. Don't lose control...(ROARS)

Bunga: That ought to teach 'em!

Kion: Baboons! What's going on with you guys?

Big Baboon: (CHITTERS) We were following Ma Tembo!

Ono: Oh, of course. The baboons always follow the elephants to new water sources in the dry season. Common knowledge, really.

Ma Tembo: It's true. And usually there's enough water for everyone.

Kion: Well, if you're okay with it.

Ma Tembo: Yes. It's my responsibility. My role in the Circle of Life. And as soon as I hear the new water source, everything will be fine...

Bunga: Don't you worry, Ma Tembo! Now that Kion's sent those hyenas flyin', you won't have any problem findin' your water!

Ma Tembo: I hope that's true.

Big Baboon: Ooh! (CHITTERING)

Ma Tembo: Though I almost prefer the hyenas to the baboons.

Fuli: (SCOFFS) I hear ya.

Kion: Good luck, Ma Tembo.

Ma Tembo: Thank you, Kion.

Beshte: (SIGHS) Wish there was something more we could do to help Ma Tembo.

Kion: Me too, Beshte. But this is Ma Tembo's role. Just like defending the Pride Lands is ours.


Mtoto: We know you can do it, Ma Tembo!

ELEPHANT: Yeah, come on!

Big Baboon: Water, water, water!

ALL: Water, water, water! Water, water, water! Water, water, water! Water, water, water! Water, water, water!


Kion: Still, I should probably mention what's going on to my dad.

Makini: I'm soooo excited, Rafiki! I can't believe I'm finally starting my training!

Rafiki: The new stripes on your face and the color of your nose mean you're old enough to be a Royal Mjuzi. But you must learn to be quiet to hear the Lions of the Past.

Makini: Ooh, yes! I know! I can't wait to learn how to hear them!

Rafiki: Good.

Makini: Did I tell you I saw Kion talking to Mufasa this morning? It was amazing!

Rafiki: Yes, now...

Makini: But he said you don't talk about hearing the Lions of the Past.

Rafiki: Yes, because...

Makini: No, no, no! I totally, totally get it. It's just that it's so hard not to talk about it!

♪ For now is my time

♪ Today is my day... ♪

Rafiki: Yes. You are having trouble not talking about it. But you must be quiet and listen to what I say, if you are to be Royal Mjuzi someday. Remember, the hardest part of listening is finding the quiet to hear.

Makini: Sorry, Rafiki. I'm just really excited.

Rafiki: That is understandable. But to hear the Lions of the Past, you must be calm and quiet. Shwari, Makini, shwari . Observe.

Makini: Okay. Rafiki?

Rafiki: Yes?

Makini: I'm still not hearing anything.

Rafiki: You must be calm and quiet.

Makini: But I was being calm and quiet!

Rafiki: (SIGHS) Makini. Makini. It seems you must also learn patience.

Makini: Oh, yes! I can't wait to learn to be patient! Let's do it right now!

Rafiki: Hmm. Perhaps you need something to ground you. Ha ha! Yes! You need your bakora staff! (CHUCKLES) Just like the antenna helps an insect sense its surroundings. The bakora staff helps the Royal Mjuzi sense the Lions of the Past.

Makini: Whoa.

Rafiki: Of course, it is up to you to find your bakora staff. On your own.

Makini: Really?

Rafiki: Yes. Now. Look among the fallen branches for your bakora staff. You will need it for your official introduction to the Royal Family.

Makini: My official introduction?

Rafiki: As soon as you find your staff.

Makini: But..How will I know which one to choose?

Rafiki: Shwari, Makini. You will know when you know.(LAUGHS) But it would not hurt to be quiet and let the branch speak to you!

Simba: I know it's frustrating, Kion. But leading the elephants is Ma Tembo's responsibility. There's not a whole lot we can do. Elephants are the ones with the ability to find water. Not lions.

Kion: I know. I just wish I could help. I know what it's like to be a new leader with new responsibilities.

Simba: Yes. That's something we both have in common now. ♪ This life that we lead

Kion: ♪ This role of leadership

Simba: ♪ Never said it would be easy

Kion: ♪ Sometimes I stumble and trip

Simba: ♪ And yet you get back up

Kion: ♪ Get stronger from the fall

Simba: ♪ It's part of our role

Both: ♪ 'Cause in the end of it all

♪ It's the path of honor ♪ There's duties we hold ♪ We must face them head on

♪ We must be bold ♪ It's our life's calling to help our friends

♪ It's the path of honor ♪ Till the Pride Lands end


♪ At times it seems too much

Simba: ♪ You handle it all in stride

Kion: ♪ I have to find it within me

Simba: ♪ It comes from deep inside

Kion: ♪ It's more than I expected

Simba: ♪ But still sometimes it's fun

Kion: ♪ I try to do my best

Simba: ♪ And I'm proud that you're my son

Both: ♪ It's the path of honor ♪ There's duties we hold ♪ We must face them head on

♪ We must be bold ♪ It's our life's calling to help our friends

♪ It's the path of honor ♪ Till the Pride Lands end

Kion: ♪ I never thought I'd be a hero

Simba: ♪ I had doubts about being a king

Kion: ♪ And yet we've both embraced our roles

Simba: ♪ That's part of what we bring

Both: ♪ What we bring ♪ It's the path of honor ♪ There's duties we hold

♪ We must face them head on ♪ We must be bold inside ♪ It's our life's calling to help our friends

♪ It's the path of honor ♪ It's the path of honor ♪ Till the Pride Lands end ♪ Till the Pride Lands end ♪

Kion: I guess life is full of responsibilities. And we all have our own to take care of.

Simba: Yes. And I'm very proud of how much you've grown as the leader of the Lion Guard.

Kion: Thanks, Dad.

Chungu: Janja! I'm hungrier than ever!

Nne: Yeah. I'd eat just about anything!

Cheezi: Janja! Janja, look! Up there! A snake!

Chungu: Ooh, ooh! Can we eat it?

Janja: Better than nuthin', I guess. C'mon boys!

Ushari: Now that I know Kion's been getting advice from Mufasa, I'll finally have some leverage with the Lion Guard. Then everyone in the Pride Lands will respect me. Yessssss! I won't be the one who gets trampled or pounced on anymore! Ahhh!

Janja: That's what you think! (LAUGHS)


Ushari: Janja? What do you want with me?

Chungu: We wanna eat ya!

Ushari: But I'm just a snake. Wouldn't you want something meatier?

Janja: Oh, we would if it weren't for Kion. Forcin' us to stay in the Outlands. Instead of lettin' us eat whatever we want in the Pride Lands.

Ushari: Well if Kion's your problem, I might have a solution.

Janja: What?

Ushari: Yes. The reason Kion is so successful leading the Lion Guard is because he's getting advice from the greatest lion to rule the Pride Lands. Mufasa!

Janja: (SCOFFS) Mufasa? I think you've been pounced on one too many times, snake.

Ushari: The name's Ushari. And if you want to outsmart the Lion Guard, Janja, you need to start thinking like lions! Great lions!

Janja: In case you hadn't noticed Ushari, we're hyenas, not lions.

Cheezi: Yeah, that's right!

Chungu: (CHUCKLES) We sure ain't!

Janja: And there ain't no lion that's gonna help us hyenas. Let alone a great one!


Ushari: But there was one great lion who helped hyenas.

Janja: Oh, you mean Scar? Hate to break it to ya, Ushari. But Scar died in the fire at Pride Rock a long time ago.

Ushari: Yes. But if Kion can talk to Mufasa, there must be a way for us to speak to Scar.

Janja: Huh, you think?

Ushari: I'm certain! It's just a question of how!

Janja: How do we talk to Scar?

Ushari: I need to gather some more information first. If you'll let me go.

Janja: Yeah, all right. But we're gonna follow you the whole time. In case you're makin' all this up.

Ushari: Fair enough. I believe I know someone who will give us all the information we need. Without even realizing she's helping us!

Makini: Hello, stick. Are you my new staff? Nope.


How about you? Anything to say to me? Anything?

Ushari: Well! If it isn't Makini!

Makini: Was that a stick?

Oh. You're a snake. Not a stick.

Ushari: True. But I've heard that you are Rafiki's new apprentice.

Makini: Oh, yes! I've just started studying with him! It's so exciting!

Ushari: I'm sure it is. And he couldn't have picked a more worthy mandril.

Makini: Oh, thank you!

Ushari: Yes, of course. I suppose this means you can speak to the Lions of the Past? Like how Kion speaks to Mufasa?

Makini: What? How does a snake like you know that?

Ushari: Oh. Uh, well...I'm friends with Kion and the Lion Guard. We go way back.

Makini: Oh. Then you know only the lions in Simba's Pride and the royal Mjuzi can hear the Lions of the Past.

Ushari: Yes, yes. But does that include the evil lions? Like Scar? Can you speak to him as well?

Makini: Oh! What a frightening thought. I never even thought about that! I'd have to ask Rafiki if there's a way to hear them. (GASPS) The hardest part of listening is finding the quiet to hear. Shwari.

Ushari: Yes. I'd be so interested to...

Makini: Shh! Quiet!



Makini: This is it! This is the one!

Ushari: The one what?

Makini: I've found my staff! I gotta tell Rafiki!

Ushari: Rafiki? Hmm...

Makini: Oh! Sorry there, snake. What were you saying? Huh. Oh, well. Hey, Rafiki! Rafiki! Rafiki! You won't believe it! Or maybe you will. I think I heard the Lions of the Past when I touched this stick!

Rafiki: Ha ha! Yes! You have found your bakora staff! Now, these gourds will be an important part of your new staff. One for the future, and one for the past. (GIGGLES) Yes. Now we must go to the Lair and try out your new staff. Then we can introduce you to the Royal Family!

Makini: Ooh, Rafiki? I have another question. About the Lions of the Past.

Rafik: Yes. I know you have many questions. And we will talk about it, once we are in the Lair!

Ushari: It's real. They are able to hear the Lions of the Past!

Janja: Yeah, yeah. And it sounds like Makini's going to ask Rafiki how to talk to Scar. Now go follow them. They're goin' to somebody's lair!

Ushari: Follow them? Into a lair?

Janja: We can't be seen rompin' round the Pride Lands. So it's gotta be you. Ya got a problem with that?

Ushari: Listen, Janja. Talking to Makini is one thing. But I can't slither fast enough to keep up with her and Rafiki!

Janja: Sure, sure. I understand. After all, if you'd rather be our dinner...

Cheezi: (CHUCKLING) Dinner time!

Chungu: Yummy yum yum!

Ushari: No, no. Of course not! It's just that... I have some friends who move much faster than me. And they're excellent spies.

Janja: Friends?

Ushari: Yes. Skinks! Come out! I know you're there!

Chungu: Ew. What are they?

Cheezi: I dunno, but they're spooky!

Shupavu: Hello, Ushari. You called?

Ushari: I did. Can one of your skinks follow Rafiki and Makini for us?

Shupavu: Of course. But there better be something in it for us.

Ushari: If all goes well, it could tip the balance of the Pride Lands in our favor.

Shupavu: Hmm. Sounds interesting... Nyeusi, hurry! Follow Rafiki and Makini! Tell us where they go! Nyeusi is the stealthiest skink.Rafiki will never see him.

Chungu: He's lucky. These skinks give me the creeps!

Cheezi: (CHUCKLING) Me too!

Makini: I'm so excited Rafiki! I can't believe I'm finally starting my training! I can't wait to learn how to hear them!

Rafiki: This way, Makini. This way! Lion Guard! Come! I have someone I want you to meet. This is my new apprentice. Makini! Makini, this is the Lion Guard. And their Lair.

Bunga: Hiya, Makini!

Ono: Greetings!

Beshte: Nice to meet you.

Kion: Hi again, Makini.

Makini: Hi, Kion. And wow! It's so fantastic to meet the rest of you! I mean, obviously I've seen you all before while you're going around the Pride Lands, being all strong. And brave. And fast. And keenest of sight!


Makini: And always saving the day!

Bunga: Yep. That's us all right!

Makini: And it's so exciting to meet you all up close and personal!

Fuli: I'm sure it is.

Makini: It is! But I have to say, I really admire you the most, Fuli. Rafiki says you're the only girl to ever be on the Lion Guard! As in, ever!

Fuli: Uh, I am?

Rafiki: It is true.

Makini: Yeah! You've got to be so proud! I'm proud and I'm not even you!

Fuli: Thanks, Makini.

Makini: Sure!

Beshte: So Rafiki, why are you taking on an apprentice? Are you okay?

Rafiki: Yes, Beshte, yes. I am fine. You see, when Makini was born,the Lions of the Past told me that she would be the one to continue my role in the Circle of Life. And now that the stripes have appeared on her face, it is time for Makini to begin her training!

Makini: Rafiki? Did you do all of those paintings?

Rafiki: Only some. Most were done by those who came before me. And someday it will be your turn to paint them! (LAUGHS)

Makini: Okay...

Rafiki: Kion, can you assemble the Royal Family on Pride Rock for Makini's formal introduction?

Kion: Sure, Rafiki. I'll make sure we're all there.

Ushari: This is the place?

Shupavu: Yep. Nyeusi says Rafiki and Makini went in there. But if you ask me, we're already too close to Pride Rock for comfort.

Ushari: That's fine. I'll take it from here. Thanks, Shupavu.

Shupavu: Yeah. Let's get outta here.

Makini: So, Rafiki? Can I try out my bakora staff now?

Bunga: Wait. Your staff can bring paintings to life too?

Rafiki: We shall soon find out. Go ahead, Makini.

Scar: (ROARS)

Fuli: Whoa!

Bunga: Look at that!

Makini: It worked!

Ono: I'll say!

Ushari: So! Makini's staff is more than a simple stick!

Rafiki: It seems you have chosen your staff well, Makini.

Makini: That's Scar, isn't it?

Bunga: Yeah. The worst lion to ever live in the Pride Lands!

Makini: Ooh. That reminds me, Rafiki. My question. From earlier?

Ushari: Yes.

Makini: I know the bakora staff can help me hear the Great Lions of the Past. But is there a way to hear the Bad Lions of the Past too?

Rafiki: Hmm. That is a serious question, young one.But, you must know the bad as well as the good. As you know, Makini, your bakora not only brings images of the past to life. It can help you hear the Lions of the Past. The Great Lions of the Past are in the sky. Their voices are in the wind. And you have all seen Kion use the Roar to make those Great Lions appear. But the Roar can also summon the worst lions of the Pride Lands past. Instead of clouds, these lions appear in fire. Once summoned, the bakora can be used to talk to evil lions as well.

Makini: All the evil lions? Even Scar?

Rafiki: Yes. Even Scar.

Usahri: Yes!


Bunga: Whoa! Creepy!

Beshte: You said it, Bunga.

Fuli: Totally.

Makini: Thank you for telling me, Rafiki.

Rafiki: Of course, young one. Of course. But remember. Talking to bad lions? It is a bad idea! (LAUGHS)

Makini: Got it! I totally understand!

Ushari: And so do I.

Rafiki: Now, it is time. Time to present Makini to Simba and the rest of the Royal Family! (LAUGHS) This way, Makini!


Beshte: Good luck, Makini!

Nala: I'm looking forward to meeting Rafiki's apprentice. You've already met her, Kion?

Kion: Unofficially, yeah. She's, uh, very talkative.

Kiara: Any word on Ma Tembo's first water hunt?

Kion: According to Ono's. last report, she's still searching.

Zuri: Can you imagine anything more boring than having to look for water?

Tiifu: No. (CHUCKLES)

Kiara: It's not so boring if you're thirsty. Mom? Dad? Would it be okay if I tried to help Ma Tembo?

Kion: I'm not sure there's anything you can do to help, Kiara.

Kiara: I'd at least like to try.

Simba: Finding the new water source is Ma Tembo's responsibility. But even if you can't find the water yourself, it might be a good experience for you to learn to work with Ma Tembo.

Nala: Especially as future Queen.

Makini: Oh, oh! Can I help? If the future Queen is going on a mission, I'd like to go too! I'm Makini! Rafiki's new apprentice!

Rafiki: Makini! The official introduction is for me to do.

Zuri: But why would Makini introduce you?

Tiifu: Yeah! We already know who you are, Rafiki.

Kion: Rafiki is supposed to introduce Makini.

Tiifu: Oh! Now that makes sense.

Rafiki: Yes, yes. Thank you, Makini. King Simba. Queen Nala. Royal family and friends. May I present my new apprentice Makini!

Simba: It's a great honor to be chosen as the next knowledge keeper for the Pride Lands. But as Royal Mjuzi, you are always welcome at Pride Rock.

Nala: Yes. It's a pleasure to meet you, Makini.

Makini: Thank you, your majesties.

Rafiki: Someday, Makini will be Royal Mjuzi for Queen Kiara.

Kiara: Then maybe Makini should come with me to help Ma Tembo and the elephants find water.

Makini: Ooh yes, yes!

Nala: They will have to learn to work together. Just like you and Rafiki do.

Rafiki: That is true. Eh, Simba?

Simba: Yes. And the sooner they learn how to work together, the better.

Makini: Oh thank you, your highnesses! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nala: You're welcome, Makini

Kiara: Okay, my future advisor. Let's go!

Tiifu: Wait. I thought we were Kiara's royal advisors.

Zuri: Yeah! She can't go looking for water without us!

Tiifu: Wait! We're coming, too!

Nala: Ladies? Why don't we let Kiara get to know Makini. You can stay here on Pride Rock. With me.

Tiifu: With you?

Zuri: Oh, um, yes, Your Majesty! Yes!

Tiifu: Of course!

Makini: I'm so excited to be working with you, Princess Kiara! I'm sure I can learn so much from you!

Kion: Good luck, Kiara.

Kiara: Thanks, Kion.

Makini: C'mon, Princess Kiara! Let's go!

Kiara: I might need it.

Janja: So, there is a way to talk to Scar!

Ushari: Yes. According to Rafiki, the evil lions appear in fire.

Janja: Well, one little eruption of this here volcano and we'll get plenty of fire!

Cheezi: Yeah, right!

Chungu: Plenty of it!


Ushari: Yes. We'll also need Rafiki or Makini's staff. The staff will allow us to speak to Scar.

Janja: We'll go after Makini. One little mandrill's no match for us hyenas.

Ushari: I agree. So the real question is, how do we lure Kion to the volcano and make him Roar? We'll want him to give us a big Roar, too. One that will make the volcano erupt in flames!

Chungu: Ooh, ooh! I know. I know. Kion Roared real big the time we tried to eat Bunga!

Cheezi: (CHUCKLES) Yeah! And his Roar was even bigger when we went after his mom. It even made the ground open up!

Ushari: What? Janja, is this true?

Janja: Yeah, yeah. The fur brains are actually right. Kion's Roars are huge when his friends and family are threatened!

Ushari: Then that's what we have to do. Target someone Kion cares about, and bring them here!

Janja: Yeah. And then when Kion roars, we can bring back a legend!


Hyenas: ♪ Hoo, ha, hoo, ha, hoo, ha

Janja: ♪ Scar was such a legend</i>

♪ Though he's long gone, his story lives on </i>

♪ If we bring back that legend

♪ His big lion smarts give us a new start

Hyenas: ♪ Hoo, ha, hoo, ha, hoo, ha

Janja: ♪ Yeah, Scar will help us win with all his great advice </i>

♪ No more playing nice </i>

♪ No more playing nice </i>

♪ Let's bring back a legend</i>

♪ A legend to help our fight</i>

♪ Let's bring back a legend</i>

♪ A legend of darkness tonight</i>

Hyenas: ♪ Hoo, ha, hoo, ha, hoo, ha

Ushari: ♪ No one in the Pride Lands could possibly dream of our big scheme</i>

♪ They'll all be astounded </i>

♪ When the Lion Guard's done and our victory won </i>

Hyenas: ♪ Hoo, ha, hoo, ha, hoo, ha</i>

Ushari: ♪ We just need fire and a Roar for our surprise </i>

♪ And we'll make Scar rise </i>

♪ We will make Scar rise </i>

Both: ♪ Let's bring back a legend

♪ A legend to help our fight

♪ Let's bring back a legend

♪ A legend of darkness tonight ♪

Janja: (LAUGHING) Come on, everyone. All together.

All: ♪ Oh! Let's bring back a legend

♪ A legend to help our fight

♪ Let's bring back a legend

♪ A legend of darkness tonight

♪ Let's bring back a legend

♪ A legend of darkness tonight ♪

Ushari: You hyenas know what to do. I'll be waiting at the top of the volcano for the staff.

Janja: You got it, Ushari. Let's go, boys! (LAUGHING)

Ushari: No... (GROANING)


Ushari: Ugh.

(ALL CHANTING) Water, water, water! Water, water, water!


Big Baboon: When is she going to find the water?

Laini: I'm sure it will be any minute.

Thurston: Well it better be! I'm parched!

Kiara: So is there anything we can do to help?

Ma Tembo: I don't know if there is.

I believe we're in the general area of the new water source. But I haven't found the well site yet.

Makini: Maybe we could look around for wet rocks, or some other sign of underground water?

Ma Tembo: Oh, yes. That would be helpful.

Makini: You know what they say. Many eyes make a search seem smaller!

Ma Tembo: Well said, Makini. And, thank you, your highness.

Kiara: Happy to help, Ma Tembo. C'mon, Makini. Let's find that water!


Kiara: That was a good idea you had back there, Makini. I'm impressed.

Makini: Well, I really admire you Kiara. Water is so important to the Circle of Life. So your helping Ma Tembo find water is even more...

Kiara: Wait. I thought I heard something. Hmm... (SNIFFS)

Makini: That's funny. I didn't hear anything. But I know that's something I need to work on. Being quiet so I can hear things. Like the Lions of the Past!

Kiara: Makini! Be quiet!

Makini: (CHUCKLES) I know, right?

Makini: That's what everyone's always trying to tell me! Shwari, Makini. Shwari. But it's... (GROWLS)

Kiara: Hyenas!

Makini: Whoa!

Cheezi: (WHOOPING)


Janja: Chungu, grab her!

Chungu: Sure thing!

Kiara: (GRUNTS) Let me go, hyenas!

Janja: C'mon, boys, let's go!

Makini: Kiara? Oh, no!

Kiara: Makini! Help!

Janja: It's gonna take more than one little mandrill to save you Kiara! A lot more! (LAUGHING)


Makini: Janja's right. I'm no match for those hyenas. But I know who is! Lion Guard! Lion Guard!

Kion: Makini? What's wrong?

Makini: The hyenas! They attacked us. And they... They've taken off with Kiara!

Kion: What?

Bunga: Kiara?

Kion: Ono! See if you can spot Janja and his clan!

Ono: Affirmative! Hapana. I see them, Kion! They're taking Kiara into the Outlands!

Makini: This is all my fault. I wasn't quiet when Kiara asked me to be.

Fuli: Makini. You can't blame yourself for something Janja did.

Kion: Right. What matters now is that we rescue Kiara! C'mon! Till the Pride Lands end...

ALL: Lion Guard defend!


Ushari: Makini's staff! You got it.

Nne: And we got Kiara!

Ushari: Excellent! That should get Kion's attention.

Nne: Yeah. Janja figures the Lion Guard should be here any second.

Ushari: Then you should go. Janja may need your help down below.

Nne: Yeah, all right.



Kiara: I don't know what you're thinking, Janja. But you're not gonna get away with this!

Janja: That's what you think.

Chungu, toss her in.

Chungu: (GRUNTS)

Janja: That ought to keep you.

Kiara: I don't think so. Ahh! Oh.

Cheezi: (LAUGHING) Yeah! How about that, cub? That steam is really hot!

Ono: Hapana. Gotta tell Kion. Everyone! Everyone!

Kion: Ono! What do you see?

Ono: Kiara seems okay. But the hyenas have her surrounded, and trapped by steam vents.

Fuli: What's Janja up to?

Kion: The only reason he'd hold Kiara prisoner is because he wants something from me or my Dad.

Beshte: Like what?

Bunga: Who cares? We go in, Kion Roars, and we come back out with Kiara!

Beshte: I'm not sure it's gonna be as easy as that, Bunga.

Ono: Indeed. Kion won't want to Roar at the hyenas if they're surrounding Kiara.

Bunga: Oh, yeah...

Kion: I have an idea. The hyenas will be expecting me to come to the rescue. But if they think I'm the only one here, I might be able to lure them away from Kiara.

Fuli: Then we'll only have to get past the steam vents.

Beshte: And I think I know how to do that.

Bunga: All right! Now we're talking!

Kion: Okay. I'll go this way and try to distract Janja and the others.

Fuli: Ono, scout a route the other way so the hyenas won't see us coming.

Ono: Affirmative! Follow me!

Fuli: Don't worry, Kion. We'll save her.

Kion: Asante, Fuli. Thanks.


Kiara: Ugh! (GROANS)

Cheezi: Give it up, cub! You ain't gettin' outta there!

Chungu: Yeah! (LAUGHS)

KION: Janja!

Janja: Oh! It's show time. You fellas stay here and keep our guest entertained. I gotta see a lion about a Roar. (LAUGHING)

Chungu: Uh, he wants us to entertain her?

Cheezi: That's what he said.

Chungu: Then maybe we should sing to her!

Cheezi: Yeah! Great idea!

Chungu: ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

Both: ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! ♪

Kiara: Ugh. Not only am I trapped, now they're gonna torture me!

All: ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! ♪

JANJA: Kion! What brings you all the way into the Outlands?

Kion: You know why I'm here, Janja. Just let Kiara go. Or there's gonna be trouble.

Janja: Without the Guard to back you up? (LAUGHING) I don't think so, Kion.

Kion: We both know I don't need the Guard for back up. But you might need your hyenas.

Janja: Oh. So you're gonna Roar at us then, huh?

Ushari: Yes! Roar, Kion. Roar!

Kion: Only if I have to.

Ushari: Argh.

Janja: Well, uh, we ain't givin' her back just'cause you say so. 'Cause... We got demands and stuff!

Kion: Stop playing games, Janja.

Fuli: Good scouting, Ono. Thanks.

Ono: But Kion's plan isn't working exactly the way we hoped.

Fuli: What do you mean?

Ono: So far, Kion's only lured Janja away from Kiara. The rest of the hyenas are still guarding Kiara at the steam vents! And... They appear to be singing to her.

Bunga: Oh, no! We really gotta save her now.

Ono: It won't be easy. She's still surroundedby hyenas and the steam vents!

Fuli: So? We're the Lion Guard. If we have to do things the hard way, that's what we'll do.

Beshte: You said it, Fuli.

Fuli: Right. So here's the new plan.

Kion: What do you want, Janja?

Janja: What do I want? Uh, good question. I want you and the Lion Guard to let me and my pack alone! Yeah!

Kion: What? You dragged my sister to the Outlands. You're holding her prisoner. And you're doing all of this, because you want me to leave you alone?

Janja: Uh, yeah! That's right!

Kion: Janja, that's a terrible plan! Even for you!

Chungu: Huh. I thought it was a good plan!

Cheezi: Me too!

Beshte: Sure looks like Kion's got them distracted.

Fuli: Right. Now!

Bunga: Zuka Zama!

Both: Ahhh! (GRUNTS)

Fuli: Huwezi!



Fuli: Beshte! Now!

Beshte: Twende Kiboko!

Ono: We're here to rescue you, your highness!

Bunga: Yeah! Come on, Kiara. Let's go!

Kiara: Thanks, guys. But I burned my paws on the steam vent. I can't move too fast.

Beshte: Don't worry, Kiara. I can carry you! That's right. Easy does it. There we go!

Cheezi: (SCREAMS)


Fuli: Okay! Let's get outta here!

Ono, go tell Kion we got Kiara!

Ono: Affirmative!

Chungu: Uh-oh. Now what do we do?

Cheezi: I know! (LAUGHS) You can entertain me!

Chungu: Uh, okay...

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! ♪

Ono: Kion, we did it! Kiara's safe!

Janja: What? (GROANS) Fur brains.

Kion: We win again, Janja.

Janja: Oh, yeah? Well... So what! We'll keep comin' back, Kion! Again and again. Maybe next time we'll actually get rid of Kiara. Or Bunga. Or maybe even your Mom or Dad. Right there on Pride Rock!

Kion: Don't threaten my family, Janja!

Janja: (LAUGHING) Face it, Kion. There ain't nothin' you can do to stop us!

Kion: Oh, yes, there is!



Janja: (GROANS)



Kion: Oh, Heyvi kabisa.

Ono: Hapana! Run, run! The volcano's erupting! There's fire and lava everywhere!

Fuli: Tell us something we don't know!

Ono: Uh... Right. I see a way out! This way!

Fuli: Beshte, you first! Follow Ono!

Beshte: Got it! Twende Kiboko!

Bunga: Uh-oh. (EXCLAIMS)

Fuli: Hop on, Bunga!

Fuli: Huwezi!

Bunga: Whoo-hoo!

Kiara: Come on! Let's get Kiara back to the Pride Lands!

Ushari: Scar! Evil Lions of the Past! Speak to me! Speak to me!

Kion: Nice work, everybody.

You okay, Kiara?

Kiara: (SIGHS) I'll be fine. Thanks, Lion Guard.

Bunga: Just doin' our job.

Beshte: Come on, Kiara. Let's get you home.

Fuli: You okay, Kion?

Kion: I let Janja get to me. I got really angry. And I kinda lost control of the Roar.

Fuli: We noticed.

Bunga: You kinda made that giant volcano erupt. Which, by the way, was totally un-Bunga-lievable!

Kion: Yeah, I guess it was.

Fuli: And we're all okay. Even Kiara.

Kion: I guess that's what really counts. I'm just glad nothing else bad happened.

Ushari: Voices of Fire! Speak to me! I command you!

Janja: So, Ushari, where's Scar?

Ushari: It, uh, seems our plan didn't exactly work.

Janja: It what? After all that?

Give me that stupid staff!


To think I believed you when you said we could use this talk to Scar!


Janja: (STAMMERING) Uh... Are you...

Scar: Yes. I am Scar.

(ALL CHANTING) Water, water, water! Water, water, water! Water, water, water! Water, water, water!

Laini: Ooh! I really hope Ma Tembo finds the water soon.

Thurston: Yes! I need a drink!

Kion: Still no luck, Ma Tembo?

Ma Tembo: No, not yet. And now there's more animals than ever expecting me to find the new water! Even with my ears, I'll never hear where it is.

Makini: The hardest part of listening is finding the quiet to hear. (GASPS) Shwari! Everyone! Everyone, shh! Shwari! Ma Tembo needs quiet to find the new water site! Just like I needed when I found my staff.


Ma Tembo: Yes. Yes! Now I hear it! This is it! I'm certain!


Ono: Over here, everyone!

Ma Tembo: Here!

Dig everyone!

Mtoto: Dig, dig!

Bunga: Zuka Zama!

Beshte: Twende Kiboko!

Ma Tembo: Finally! The new water source for the dry season has been found!


Rafiki: That was good advice, Makini. It seems you have finally learned the importance of silence.

Makini: I have, Rafiki. I totally have!

♪ For now is my time

♪ Today is my day

♪ I'm finally here

♪ And nothing can stand in my way

♪ I've made it this far

♪ All doubts washed away

♪ My path is clear

♪ And today is my... ♪

Has anyone seen my staff?

Rafiki: Do not worry, Makini. There is more than just one stick that can be your staff! What's most important is who is holding the staff.

Kion: Nice job, Ma Tembo. Even though it was frustrating, you never gave up.

Ma Tembo: Well, that's what responsibility is all about. Isn't it?

Kion: Yes. Yes it is.