The first song's the best part!

Kion, Bunga and the King

The Elephants' Concert is an event that takes place in Mizimu Grove.


During the year, it is tradition for the elephants perform a concert in Mizimu Grove. It is unknown exactly how many are performed per year, though it is known that only one occurs during the rainy season. The royal family are invited, and it is considered an insult if they are not present for the first song.


Bunga and the King

Simba, Nala, Kiara and Kion are invited to the concert. However, Kion has to leave before he can even arrive due to his duty as leader of the Lion Guard. Before Simba can attend, he falls down a sinkhole trying to save his daughter. Eventually, Simba tells Nala and Kiara to attend in his place.

Bunga-and-the-king (434)

Watching the event

The two lionesses do so, congratulating Ma Tembo and her herd on a wonderful job as the concert comes to a close. Nala apologizes on behalf of Simba who could not be there, assuring her that he truly wished to attend the concert. Ma Tembo is grateful for her words, and is completely understanding of her mate's situation. Simba soon arrives, and apologises to her himself. As his way of apology, he and his family sing Hakuna Matata.
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