The Day of the Crocodiles (also known as Dzień Krokodyli ) is a comic based on The Lion Guard. There are two possible endings for the story, depending on what suggestion the reader takes.


The Lion Guard is investigating a rise in water, Ono is giving Kion a report of the area. He informs him that the ground slid and the waterfall was blocked, causing the river to overflow and now the crocodiles can go wherever they want. Beshte soon notices Zuri, who is trapped on a large, protruding rock in the water. Below her, the crocodiles snap aggressively.

Kion approaches Makuu on the matter, who tells Kion that their territory is everywhere where there is water. Bunga suggests using the Roar of the Elders on the rock, but Kion refuses, stating that it will blow up the rock.

Fuli suggests that they find a way over to the lioness, whilst Beshte suggests that they get rid of the crocodiles.

Fuli's ending

Kion locates several tree branches that lean over to Zuri. He chooses the best one, and calls for Zuri to follow him. Together, they use the branch to make it back to ground safely. Kion then uses the Roar of the Elders to blast the crocodiles away. The roar causes a log to fall against the waterfall, halting the water and acting as a dam.

Back in the Pride Lands, everything is getting back to normal. Bunga is sure that Zuri will want to thank Kion, but Kion isn't so sure. Zuri, impressed with Kion, starts to brush up against him whilst offering him words of praise. Kion declares that he preferred it when he was not noticed.

Beshte's ending

After choosing a path of stones, Kion hops over to Beshte and attempts to move the logs causing the blockage. However, as he is doing so the dam breaks and Kion is swept up with the current. Beshte arrives to rescue him, and although the water eventually calms, Zuri feels the brunt of the fast currents, along with the crocodiles who are swept away by the current with her.

She emerges from the water completely filthy, but safe. Despite this, she is annoyed at Kion for not saving her, which doesn't seem to bother him that much.


Fuli's Ending

Beshte's Ending


Fuli's Ending

Beshte's Ending


  • Zuri is mistakenly depicted with brown eyes and no markings on her ears or face.
  • In the English version of the comic, Makuu is incorrectly spelt as 'Makku'.
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