The Best Guard is a comic based on The Lion Guard that is featured in issue 6 of The Lion Guard Magazine.

There are two character quests for the reader to choose from and both lead to the same outcome. They can be considered the same path.


The Lion Guard are talking together, with Bunga declaring them to be the best Lion Guard ever. Zazu, however, has his doubts. Whilst Simba has faith in Kion's Guard and even reminds him that no lion has ever been as fast as a cheetah (which Fuli is grateful to hear), Zazu is still dubious.

Zazu explains how previous Lion Guards have been able to scale large rock walls. Much to his surprise, Bunga is able to do the same thing.

Kion comments that they already have someone who can just fly up the wall, and Zazu turns his attention to Ono. He asks him to observe a tall tree filled with animals and fruits, close his eyes, and spot the differences, just as previous Lion Guards have been able to do. Ono succeeds, but this is still not enough for Zazu.

Zazu explains how they were also full of wisdom, and Kion responds with a bit of wisdom himself which his father recognises. Zazu then tells them of one more thing that they have yet to prove - their strength. He points to a rock held up by some smaller stones, and tells them how previous Guards have been able to knock it down. Before he can truly finish, Beshte smashes it to the ground, commenting that they weren't so sturdy after all. Zazu finally admits defeat.

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