"Congratulations, you're now a Bellow Fellow!"

–The Bellow Fellows to Beshte, Beware the Zimwi

The Bellow Fellows are a group of hippos. They reside in the Pride Lands.


The Bellow Fellows are a trio of hippos. One has light smoky blue skin with darker markings on his legs and snout. A few hairs sprout from his head, and his eyes are teal blue, rimmed with darker skin. His underbelly is pale gray. The second Bellow Fellow is a bright blue-gray, with darker spots on his rump, hair sprouting from his ears, and green eyes. The third is indigo, with a paler underbelly and spots of the same shade along his flanks. He has darker spots on his snout and behind his head, and his eyes are brown, with thick brows above them.


Not much is shown of the Bellow Fellows. They appear to be very serious, not once smiling kindly towards Beshte during his audition but offering him either a sarcastic smile instead or an austere glance. However, when impressed, they will shower praise upon the one who managed to win them over.


Beware the Zimwi

The Bellow Fellows are first mentioned when Beshte is mistaken for the Zimwi and accidentally scares the Lion Guard and Mtoto by practicing his bellows.
Beware-the-zimwi-hd (462)

Waiting for Beshte's audition

He tells everyone that he is nervous to audition in front of the Bellow Fellows. At the end of the episode, Beshte is getting ready to audition but is too scared to do it. Then Kion encourages him by reminding him that he took on the terrifying Zimwi that night and that if he could do that, he would have no problem auditioning. Remembering what Kion said, Beshte approaches the Bellow Fellows with a nervous smile, then starts bellowing. The horrid noise causes the Lion Guard to become just as nervous as Beshte, but to their surprise, the Bellow Fellows gladly invite Beshte to join their group, and they begin to bellow with Beshte as some of Basi's Pod swim over to see what the commotion is about. The rest of the Guard laugh as Bunga suggests that Beshte is more scary than The Zimwi.
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