Team Play is a comic based on The Lion Guard that is featured in issue 16 of The Lion Guard Magazine.

There are 2 paths for the reader to choose, and both lead to the same outcome.


Bunga calls for the rest of the Lion Guard, informing them of a baby antelope that is lost in the canyon, and that the hyenas are already tracking him. The Lion Guard leave immediately, and make their way to the canyon.

Once there, Ono scans the area, but is unable to pinpoint the antelope's location due to the sand whirlwinds, adding that they'll have to descend into the canyon. Nearby, a Male Cheetah overhears this.

Fuli suggests allowing her to go first, and she can use her speed to find the baby. Beshte suggests that they all go down together, so that they can cover the area individually.

Fuli's path

Before she can begin, the Male Cheetah pops down from his tree, claiming to be faster than Fuli. Without even giving a name, he races ahead, but is forced to slow down when the sand whirlwinds prevent him from seeing anything.

Meanwhile, Kion asks Ono if he can help Fuli. Ono proceeds to guide Fuli around the sand whirlwinds from above.

Beshte's path

The Lion Guard keep a distance between each other, when a Male Cheetah approaches them from above, claiming that he's fast enough to find the antelope before they will, and be better than the Lion Guard. Bunga comments that it's dangerous to be alone when hyenas are around.

Sure enough, the Male Cheetah finds the baby first, but Janja, Cheezi and Chungu have also reached him, and remind him that he's all alone against all three of them.

Suddenly, they hear a noise, and turn around to find a strange shadow against the wall. The hyenas run away, and the Lion Guard reveal themselves as the shadow monster.


The baby antelope is reunited with his mother. The Male Cheetah approaches the Lion Guard, and explains how he has learnt that speed is not everything when you're alone. Kion adds that team play is important.

But nonetheless, Fuli offers him a practise course, to see which of them can reach the water puddle first, while the rest of the Lion Guard laugh.

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