The Call of the Drongo

"Steal? No, no, no! It's an act, it's a show! It's all in fun. I do some voices, and if my audience happens to leave me some food as a reward, well, is that so wrong?"

"You're right. Of course you're right. Why, oh, why did I never think of that? The food I snatched from the beaks, snouts, and mouths of the innocent. The heartbreak, the pain! I feel so ashamed."

"I’m feeling a little peckish. Get it, peckish? I’ve got a beak, see? I peck things with it."

"I sounded good, didn't I? Would you believe that I'd never done Kion's voice before? Ya gotta love it, right? So, can I go now? I did what you asked!"

"Thanks, guys. It felt great to use my talent for good."

Divide and Conquer

"Uh, Kion. This isn't what it looks like! Er...sounds like! My life of crime is over! I don't imitate animals to trick them out of their food anymore. These days I do it to make 'em laugh and they just give me their food!"

"Okay, Tamaa. Showtime!"

"These jackals are such pushovers! I wish I could see their faces!"

"I've never won a battle before!"

"Sure does. But I think once is enough for me. From now on, I'm going to... panic and run! Uh, fly. Ta ta!"