Sokwe's Cave is a location in the Theluji Mountains.


Sokwe's Cave is a tall with a big opening covered in snow and just outside there are a few rock piles and trees.


The Lost Gorillas

When Sokwe sends his sons on a journey to the Pride Lands on his behalf in order to renew a treaty with King Simba, the brothers end up becoming lost, and unintentionally forget the message. 

Simba tasks his son Kion with bringing the brothers home, and receiving the message from the gorilla king.

After a few mishaps, the Guard and the two princes reach their destination, and approach Sokwe, who appears to begin scolding his sons for their actions, before revealing that Kion had informed them of a previous heroic deed, and expressing his pride in them.

Kion reminds Sokwe of the importance of his message being given to his father, and Sokwe noticing that Bunga had acquired a souvenir, and upon Kion questioning if that was a problem, Sokwe denies this, instead claiming it to be perfect.



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