The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

"Hello, Ushari. You called?"

"Of course. But there better be something in it for us."

"Hmm. Sounds interesting... Nyeusi, hurry! Follow Rafiki and Makini! Tell us where they go! Nyeusi is the stealthiest skink. Rafiki will never see him."

"Yeah. Let's get outta here."

Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

"Crocodiles awake in the dry season? Something's up."

"Hmm-mmm. Crocs on the rampage. Ushari will want to hear about this. And so will Scar!"

"Yes, sir."

"At sunset. Tonight."

Swept Away

"What are you doing in the Outlands, hippo?"

"How sweet. Now follow me."

"And you're sure that's the right way to go?"

"Yes. Totally lucky."

"You got a plan right?"

The Little Guy

"Funny, or genius?"

"A gecko that's friends with the Lion Guard could be a useful addition to his float. And it could cause havoc in the Pride Lands.

"Relax, gecko. We come in peace. Though I couldn't help but overhear... Makuu doesn't want you in his float?"

"I wouldn't give up so easily, if I were you."

"Njano, why don't you go on ahead? Tell Kiburi what a special candidate we have for his float."