Scary But Nice! is a short story inspired by The Lion Guard.

It is featured in issue eleven of The Lion Guard Magazine.


Fuli and Bunga are chasing each other through the Pride Lands, until they reach the crocodiles lake. Makuu orders them to leave, but one younger crocodile dislikes being seen as scary. He asks Bunga if he can play with them, but Bunga refuses, calling him scary and telling him that they don't trust him.

Meanwhile, Fuli has already run ahead, and notices a storm approaching. She warns Kion, who warns the other animals in the savannah of the approaching storm, urging them to keep safe. Suddenly, they hear a loud cry coming from the crocodile's lake.

They rush over to see that the lake has flooded and a baby gazelle is trapped on a floating tree. With the storm too powerful for any of them to get in the water, the young crocodile appears and tells them that he can help. He uses his long body to create a bridge for the gazelle, who climbs onto his back and reaches the mainland.

Bunga is impressed by what he has witnessed, and apologises for not trusting him before. But the young crocodile says it doesn't matter, and that he is just happy that the young gazelle is safe and that Lion Guard now trust him.