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–Sable Antelope #1 to Bupu, Beshte and the Hippo Lanes

Sable Antelope #1 is a sable antelope that resides in the Pride Lands. He is a member of Bupu's Herd.


Sable Antelope #1 bears the typical appearance of a sable antelope in the show. He has chestnut brown fur, a dark brown mane, white underbelly and white facial markings. He also has two large horns that are slightly curved.


Very little is known about Sable Antelope #1. All that is known is that he is as stubborn as his leader, Bupu.


Beshte and the Hippo Lanes

Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (152)

Listening to their leader

After a rainstorm floods their grazing grounds, Sable Antelope #1 and his herd stand around in the water, waiting for it to pass. But when a second storm starts to brew, the Lion Guard, minus Beshte, rush to call them away for their own safety. Bupu refuses to leave, even after Ono warns him of the impending rain storm. When Fuli tells him to follow them, he still refuses, stating that they don't take orders from them. Kion understands that they are tired and hungry, but explains that, if they move, they'll have food and won't be standing around in water. Upon hearing this, Boboka talks with Bupu, urging him to reconsider their offer for the young ones. Reluctantly, he agrees, and the Guard escort the herd away across the side of a cliff.

Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (167)


They follow the Lion Guard around the side of a nearby cliff, until Kion warns them to get back after hearing a warning from Ono. A minor rockslide then separates them, so they resort to sitting down. The Guard climb over the rocks, and Kion tries to get them to move, but they refuse, with Bupu stating that they are tired and 'give up'. Kion proceeds to use his Roar to blast the rocks out of the way. After a bit more persuasion, the herd continue.

Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (318)

Stepping away to give access to mother and son

They arrive at the Flood Plains, where Bunga sends in Boboka and the her son. Upon their leave, Bupu starts complaining again about how they were ordered around, criticizing the times when the Lion Guard had tried to help them while Sable Antelope #1 listens intently. Fuli points out that they were all good reasons, when suddenly the rain storm breaks out. Eager to believe they'll be ordered to move out of the rain, Bupu informs them that they're not going anywhere. Fuli and Bunga are okay with this, since it's exactly what they want them to do anyway.

Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (402)

Protesting the Guard

With the rain storm still going, Bupu resorts to more complaining. Fuli informs him that they'll tell them when to keep going, and asks him to stand and be quiet. Bupu suspires heavily and sits down. When Fuli orders him to stand up, Bupu isn't surprised that the Lion Guard is telling them what to do, causing Sable Antelope #1 and the other sable antelopes to sit down in protest with him. Despite Fuli's best efforts, she is unable to get him to stand, even when Ono returns with the youngster.

Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (439)

Running through the lane

After a brief appearance by Beshte, Ono confirms that he has finished the new Hippo Lane. Bunga then calls for them to 'follow that hippo', but Bupu remarks that it looks so wet. Fuli snaps and reminds them that they're already wet, and Bupu turns his head, telling her to continue yelling at them like they've done all day. Fuli has a change of heart, and apologises for yelling. She goes on to say that it's been a long day for her as well as them, explaining how they can get something to eat on the other side, appealing to Sable Antelope #1 and the other antelopes as well as their leader. She returns to Bupu and asks them to go, adding 'please' at the end of her statement. To her surprise, Bupu responds by telling her that that was all they wanted to hear, and that it never hurts to be polite. He then calls for his herd to follow, and together, they run through the new Hippo Lane.

Beshte-and-the-hippo-lanes (474)


While running through the Flood Plains, they trample over Makuu's Float having been led there by Beshte and Basi. Bupu turns to Sable Antelope #1 and asks if he heard anything, but he responds with 'nope' and they continue going.

Later, when the Flood Plains have cleared, Bupu and his herd can be seen grazing in the grass on the other side, finally safe.


  • Sable Antelope #1' model is frequently reused in the series, and he can appear multiple times in one image
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