The Ruler of the Pride Lands is the formal title given to the absolute monarch of the Pride Lands. Being an absolute monarch, the king or queen is vested with full executive and judicial control.



The official residence of the monarch is Pride Rock, where the king or queen lives with his or her faithful subjects, the lionesses, as well as his or her family.


The duties of the ruler include, but are not limited to:

Succession to the Throne

The order of succession is based on equal primogeniture, meaning inheritance by the oldest surviving child without regard to gender. The heir apparent is usually the eldest. However, it would be within the monarch's prerogative (as absolute monarch) to amend the line of succession, include non-family members, or completely exclude royals from the line of succession altogether.

Members of the Monarchy

Mufasa King Deceased
Scar King (Usurper) Deceased
Simba King (Usurper - Reclaimed Birthright) Alive
Nala Queen Alive
Kiara Kiara is the only daughter of Simba and Nala. She will presumably assume the throne after the passing of her father, Simba. Princess Alive
Kion Prince Alive

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