Royal Mjuzi is the title given to the knowledge keeper of the Pride Lands, who also acts as an advisor to the Royal family.


Apprentices are chosen by the Great Lions at the time of their birth. However, they do not begin their training until they are old enough, which is judged by the stripes on their face and the color of their nose. An apprentice must also be formally introduced to the royal family.


Some of the duties of the Royal Mjuzi are: 

  • Providing the monarchy with guidance and advice.
  • Speaking with the Great Lions of the Past.
  • Presiding over Kupatana.
  • Training an apprentice.
  • Healing injuries and illnesses.
  • Painting the history of the Pride Lands.
  • Knowing all of the Pride Lands' celebrations.
  • Escorting animals to Pride Rock.