Rocky Ridge is a location in the Pride Lands


As the name suggests, Rocky Ridge is a steep slope littered with rocks of various sizes. Many small patches of vegetation peek out from the muddy ground below.

In the dry season, Rocky Ridge is completely covered in thick green grass blades.


The Mbali Fields Migration

The-mbali-fields-migration (187)

Racing towards Mbali Fields

Ono mentions Rocky Ridge when telling Kion the route to Mbali Fields. Later, after the Lion Guard guide Swala's Herd and Muhimu's Herd, the herds witness Mbali Fields in the distance from the top of Rocky Ridge. Unable to wait any longer, Muhimu starts a stampede towards the fields, with Swala and her herd following shortly after. Despite Kion's plead for them to slow down, the excited animals race away, and the Lion Guard chase after them.


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