Rocky Plains is a location in the Pride Lands


Rocky Plains is a vast grazing ground. As the name suggests, it is littered with rocks of all shapes and sizes, jutting out from the thick grass. Some acacia trees are also present.


Janja's New Crew

When Janja, Nne and Tano cause some sable antelopes to stampede, the herd moves across Rocky Plains. Ono soon notices the disturbance, and Kion picks up the scent of hyenas when he and the Lion Guard hear the news. They quickly rush away to save them, whilst Janja complains about their interference with the plan. Nne and Tano are relaxed about the Lion Guard but irritated by Janja's lack of understanding. They re-explain the plan before moving onto the oryxes nearby.

When the Guard save the sable antelopes, Kion is quick to return to Cheezi and Chungu, believing that they might be behind the scheme.


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