Don't you worry about little ol' us! We love it in here! Don't we, Goigoi? Goigoi?

Reirei, Too Many Termites

Reirei's Cave is a location in the Outlands. It is the former home of Reirei and her pack.


Reirei's Cave is a large bundle of smooth rocks varying in size all pushed together in a pile. Inside, the rocks become more rigid, with one resembling a small podium pushed against a wall. A single shaft of light enters from the front.


Too Many Termites

Too-many-termites (318)

Inside the cave

When the aardwolves move into a cave next door having been accidentally chased out by the Lion Guard, Reirei emerges from the rocky den next to them, sniffing the air as she catches their scent. She quickly reports to Goigoi, waking him from his slumber. Although uninterested at first, she soon gets his attention by mentioning the aardwolves. He questions when their last neighbors, some hyraxes, moved out until Reirei reminds him that they didn't. He remembers that they were 'delicious'. Goigoi follows his mate out to say 'hello' to their new neighbors.

Once the Lion Guard discover their plan, they chase the jackals out. Goigoi slams into his mate and the pair land back in their home, with Bunga sealing up the entrance. Reirei exclaims that they're happy to be home, but Goigoi has already fallen back asleep.


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