A wide variety of children's puzzles were released in conjunction with the release of The Lion Guard.

Jumbo Europe were the first company to announce that they were releasing Lion Guard puzzles, though Disney Store and Ravensburger soon released their own puzzles. Several have been made available, in various sizes and piece numbers. Other companies soon followed suit, though many have yet to be released.

Most puzzles feature the whole Lion Guard, though a few focus solely on Kion.

Note: Please be aware that websites listed on this page had the item in stock at the time. However, stores are always changing their stock, and it is possible that these toys are no longer available from these links.

Image Description Pcs Company
2puzz Jumbo’s 2-in-1 puzzles are ideal for children learning to build cardboard puzzles. 2 x 24 Jumbo
4puzz This 4-in-1 puzzle contains no less than 4 different puzzles! 1 x 20, 1 x 35, 1 x 50, 1 x 70 Jumbo
35-puzz This puzzle assortment consists of 4 different puzzles. 1 x 35 Jumbo
Giftbag-puzz Jumbo’s Disney Lion Guard gift puzzle is a great way to surprise someone. 1 x 50 Jumbo
Tlg-minipuzz Jumbo’s Disney The Lion Guard gift puzzle is a great way to surprise someone. 1 x 35 Jumbo
Floorpuzz Jumbo’s Disney Lion Guard giant floor puzzle is a puzzle of 100x70 cm. 1 x 50 Jumbo
Xlpuzz Jumbo’s 100XL puzzle is a giant puzzle with extra-large puzzle pieces. 1 x 100 Jumbo
Tlg-ds-puzz Kion and his Pride Lands friends are a picture of happiness on this puzzle featuring the stars of the new Disney Junior series The Lion Guard. The 24 large pieces are designed for little hands, and include flocked detailing. 1 x 24 Disney Store
Ravenp-1 35 piece jigsaw puzzle 1 x 35 Ravensburger
Ravenp-2 Four jigsaw puzzles in one box 1 x 12, 1 x 16, 1 x 20, 1 x 24 Ravensburger
Ravenp-3 60 piece giant floor puzzle 1 x 60 Ravensburger
2x24pc-lionguard-puzzle Two 24 piece puzzles 2 x 24 Ravensburger
Puzzle-kionfierce 100 XXL Puzzle 1 x 100 Ravensburger
3xraven-lionguard Three 49 piece puzzles 3 x 49 Ravensburger
2x12-lionguardpuzzle Two 12 piece puzzles 2 x 12 Ravensburger
Nacht-licht Dieser 3D Puzzle-Ball zeigt die spannende Welt von Junglöwe Kion und seinen Freunden und wird mit einem Händeklatschen zum faszinierenden Nachtlicht, wenn der Leuchtsockel den Ball von innen erstrahlen lässt. 1 x 72 Ravensburger
Makini-puzzle Bumper puzzle pack! 4 x 42 "lion+guard" Ravensburger
24-cltlg 24 piece maxi puzzle 1 x 24 Clementoni
60-cltlg 60 piece maxi puzzle 1 x 60 Clementoni
Clementoni-lionguardpuzzle 104 piece puzzle 1 x 104 Clementoni
104cleml60 104 piece puzzle 1 x 104 Clementoni
Puzzles-2-clementoni 2 fun Lion Guard puzzles! 2 x 60 Clementoni
2x20clem 2 fun Lion Guard puzzles! 2 x 20 Clementoni
Clockpuzzle 104 piece Clock puzzle 1 x 104 Clementoni
Chartpuzzle 30 piece Height chart maxi puzzle 1 x 30 Clementoni
My-first-puzzles Puzzle da 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 pezzi, quattro puzzle sagomati di difficoltà crescente, composti da maxi tessere spesse e resistenti. My First Puzzle è la linea puzzle Clementoni dedicata ai più piccoli, per avvicinarli al mondo dei puzzle! 1 x 3, 1 x 6, 1 x 9, 1 x 12 Clementoni
Supercolor-104-kionleap Lví hlídka 27986 1 x 104 Clementoni
Puzzle-48pc 48 piece puzzle 1 x 48 Disney Junior
Tlg-puzzlebag 24 piece puzzle w/bag 1 x 24 Disney Junior
Puzzle-46c 46 piece puzzle 1 x 46 Disney Junior
Puzzle-in-tin 24 piece puzzle w/tin 1 x 24 Cardinal
Tinpuzzle-kion 24 piece puzzle w/tin 1 x 24 Cardinal
Lenticularpuzzle Lenticular puzzle, 13 inches by 9 inches 1 x 24 Cardinal
Super-3d-puzzle The Disney Junior The Lion Guard Super 3D Puzzle - 24 Piece Features: 24 Pieces, 18 inch x 12 inch (45.7 centimeter x 30.4 centimeter) 1 x 24 Cardinal
Puzzle-24-v1 Fully Interlocking Unique Shaped Pieces Very Fun and Enjoyable for Everyone! 1 x 24 Cardinal
Puzzle-24-v2 Fully Interlocking Unique Shaped Pieces Very Fun and Enjoyable for Everyone! 1 x 24 Cardinal
Puzzle-24-v3 Fully Interlocking Unique Shaped Pieces Very Fun and Enjoyable for Everyone! 1 x 24 Cardinal
Puzzle-24-v4 Fully Interlocking Unique Shaped Pieces Very Fun and Enjoyable for Everyone! 1 x 24 Cardinal
Furry-floor-puzzle Never has a puzzle been this adorable or this furry! Puzzle has Lion like fur on it!! Based on the Lion Guard Movie. 46 big pieces. Measures 24 inches x 36 inches when assembled. 1 x 24 Cardinal
Cardinal-tinpuz 24 Pc Puzzle in collectable Lunch Box Tin 1 x 24 Cardinal
Foam-puzzle See the little animals visit The Lion Guard! Disney The Lion Guard Foam Floor Puzzle. 25 Soft and Large Foam Pieces. Puzzle measures 13 inches x 24 inches. 1 x 25 Cardinal
Woodgiantpuzzle Disney Junior The Lion Guard Wood Giant 40 Piece Puzzle KION (24 X 18 inches) 1 x 40 Cardinal
4puzzlepack Each puzzle pack includes 4 different puzzles with 12 pieces each. Each puzzle features different characters from Lion Guard. This product is manufactured by Cardinal and is officially licensed. 4 x 12 Cardinal
9puzzlepack 9 Puzzles to choose from! Pick a Character and assemble your Puzzle then pick again! Hours of fun with all your favorite Disney characters! 9 x 9 Cardinal
Puzzleball-orn This product aims at training kids imagination, eye-hand coordination and color & shape recognition 1 x 24 Cardinal
24-puzzle-car This makes a great gift for a young child who loves puzzles! 1 x 24 Cardinal]

Woodpuzzle1 Super Puzzles en bois d'Eduqua Borrás. Toujours plus d'amusement, de qualité, de diversité. Un vaste collection pour tous les âges. 2 x 16 Educa
Woodpuzzle2 Super Puzzles en bois d'Eduqua Borrás. Toujours plus d'amusement, de qualité, de diversité. Un vaste collection pour tous les âges. 2 x 50 Educa
Superpack-4-in-1 Des jeux passionnants et distrayants. Une magnifique boîte pleine de jeux amusants pour se divertir seul avec des amis ou en famille. 1 x 25 Educa
Educa-2pk 2 Puzzle mit 48 Teilen, Die Garde der Löwen. Setze dieses ganz besondere und lustige Puzzle zusammen. Eine hervorragende Aktivität zur Stimulierung der Koordination von Händen und Augen. Geeignet ab 4 Jahren. 2 x 48 Educa
Educa-100pc-1 100 piece puzzle featuring The Lion Guard. 1 x 100 Educa
Educa-board-3 Super Puzzles en bois d'Eduqua Borrás. Toujours plus d'amusement, de qualité, de diversité. Un vaste collection pour tous les âges. 2 x 25 Educa
Educa-board-4 Les avantages du bois, un matériau naturel et durable. De grandes pièces, faciles à manipuler et à assembler. Un bois plus résistant et plus sûr pour les enfants. Des produits écologiques : bois labellisé (FSC, PEFC) les fournisseurs utilisent des techniques de production écologiquement efficientes. 2 x 50 Educa
Educa-superpack-4in1 Super Pack! 2 x 25 piece puzzles. 2 x 25 Educa
6-puzzles La Guardia Del Leon 6 Puzzles 12 - 18 - 24 - 36 - 2 X 56_x000D_ Puzzles: 16 x 20 cm 1 x 12, 1 x 18, 1 x 24, 1 x 36, 2 x 56 Tapmovil
Dino-puzzle Dětské deskové puzzle (dílky se skládají přímo na přiloženou podložku s rámečkem) s postavami dětského animovaného seriálu The Lion Guard. 1 x 16 Dino
Puzzle-trefl-24-maxi-dilku-lvi-hlidka-14240-0 puzzle 24 MAXI velkých podlahových dílků , rozměry 60 x 40 cm 1 x 25 Trefl
Trefl-puzzle-30-dilku-lvi-hlidka-18210-0 puzzle 30 dílků rozměry 27 x 20 cm 1 x 30 Trefl
2puzzlespack Puzzle X 2 4 Y 6 Piezas La Guardia Del Leon 1 x 9, 1 x 6 TapMovil
Tapmovil-2p La Guardia del Leon, 2 Puzzle x 30 piezas cada uno 2 x 30 TapMovil
Karnan-puzzle I lager, leveranstid: 1-3 dagar 1 x 15 Karnan
Puzzle60pcs Puzzle 60 piezas La Guardia del León Royal 1 x 60 Royal
Screenshot from 2016-09-28 18-16-12 This Lion Guard Floor Puzzle is bound to be a hit with fans! The Puzzle has large pieces for easy assembling and is made of thickened cardboard. Comes in a reseal-able foil bag for easy storage. 1 x 46 Toys"R"Us
Friendstlg-puzzle A Lion Guard puzzle Standing Proud with the Lion Guard! 1 x 35 Jumbo
Kion-ono-puzzle A Lion Guard puzzle featuring Ono and Kion! 1 x 35 Jumbo
Kionbunga-jumbo-puzzle A Lion Guard puzzle featuring Bunga and Kion! 1 x 35 Jumbo
Memo-puzz2 Includes Memory game and 3 unique puzzles, inspired by Disney's hit series, The Lion Guard. 1 x 100, 2 x 20 Clementoni
A-guarda-do-leao-puzzle É sempre bom adquirir conhecimento e ainda acompanhando seu personagem favorito. Não deixe de brincar e se divertir com este quebra-cabeça! São 28 peças para encaixar uma a uma até formar uma linda imagem da turma do filme A Guarda do Leão. 1 x 28 Jak
100xl-hold The Lion Guard is the follow-up series to The Lion King and introduces Simba's son, fun-loving Kion, who is happy that his sister, Kiara, is destined to rule the Pride Lands. He soon discovers that as the second-born he has his own destiny: to lead the Lion Guard, a team that protects the Pride Lands and defends the Circle of Life. 1 x 100 Holdson
48ppuzzle 48 piece puzzle of The Lion Guard 1 x 48 Creative Games
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