The Rise of Makuu

"Basi! It has been many weeks. How are the fish today?"

"If that's how it must be. Move on, my friends. We'll eat somewhere else today."

"I accept your challenge, Makuu. In accordance to tradition, the Mashindano with take place near Lake Matope at sunset."

"Your confidence is admirable, Makuu. Your over-sized ego is not."

"You were there, Kion. Makuu is stronger than me. There are times when you have to accept that you've been beaten. Even though you might not like it, Makuu has most certainly won."

The Morning Report

"Little cubs. This is crocodile territory. You should leave. Now!"

"This is the son of the King?"

"Makuu is right, Zazu. King Simba knows and respects our ways."

"Simba is a good and fair King. I would not want to anger him by eating his son, or his royal adviser. Especially one who displays the bravery of a crocodile. You three are all free to go."

"Kion. You and your friends should not come here uninvited again."