The Lion Guard: Protectors of the Pridelands is a playable game featured on the Watch Disney Junior app.

Playable characters consist of Kion, Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, and Ono.


Game play involves one of the Lion Guard characters taking turns 'patrolling' the Pride Lands and saving captured animals. Each character has their own style of play and are able to use a signature move when their gauge is full. Filling the gauge requires collecting Lion Guard tokens throughout the game.

Whilst Kion is the only character available at the start of the game on the iOS version, other characters will become unlocked as time goes on. In the PC version, they are all unlocked by default, and filling their gauge does nothing.


Kion's patrol involves moving across the Pride Lands whilst avoiding getting trampled by animals such as rhinoceroses and gazelles. Janja may also attempt to bite at Kion as he passes. Kion will also be leaping across logs and leaping onto crocodiles (who may also dive under without notice).


Bunga's patrol will require him to continuously leap high into the air, avoiding enemies such as bees and hyenas. Thorn bushes also present a problem for the honey badger, as well as crumbling rocks.


Fuli's patrol takes place as she runs away from some baboons. Fuli will need to leap over obstacles such as logs, rocks and muddy puddles to avoid the primates catching up to her.


Ono's patrol takes place in the sky, where he will need to locate the other members of the Guard whilst avoiding Mzingo and storm clouds. Once Ono has found them all, he needs to cross the finish line. During this time, he can also snatch some airborne bugs to eat.


Beshte's patrol requires him to make a pathway for the gazelles through a mirey area. Beshte can flatten the grass just by moving through it. He will need to be careful he does not touch the crocodiles lurking in the water. Once he has made it through to the other side, the gazelles will follow the path he has laid out.


Protectors of the Pridelands

Protectors of the Pridelands

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