Pride Landers is the name given to animals who are inhabitants of the Pride Lands. They are ruled by a reigning monarch, who is always a lion, and all obey the Circle of Life concept.

Living Members


Main article: Ajabu

Ajabu is a shy okapi.


Main article: Basi

Basi is the leader of the hippopotamuses. He is the father of Beshte


Main article: Beshte

Beshte is a hippo who is the strongest member of the Lion Guard. He is the son of Basi,


Main article: Boboka

Boboka is a sable antelope and a member of Bupu's Herd.


Main article: Bunga

Bunga is a honey badger who is the bravest member of the Lion Guard. He is the adoptive nephew of Timon and Pumbaa.


Main article: Bupu

Bupu is a sable antelope and leader of his own herd.


Main article: Chura

Chura is a toad that lives in the Pride Lands.


Main article: Fuli

Fuli is a cheetah who is the fastest member of the Lion Guard.


Main article: Hadithi

Hadithi is an eagle revered as a hero.


Main article: Haya

Haya is a male aardwolf who is a member of Mjomba's Pack.


Kambuni is a young ostrich.


Main article: Kiara

Kiara is the daughter of Simba and Nala, and Kion's older sister. She is the future queen, and takes her responsibilities very seriously.


Main article: Kifaru

Kifaru is a male rhinoceros with poor eyesight.


Main article: Kion

Kion is the son of Simba and Nala, the younger brother of Kiara and the leader of the Lion Guard. He is incredibly playful, though takes great pride in his new position. He is, however, afraid that he will go down the path of Scar.


Main article: Laini

Laini is a skittish and friendly galago.


Main article: Makuu

Makuu is the leader of the crocodiles.

Ma Tembo

Main article: Ma Tembo

Ma Tembo is the daughter of Aminifu. She is an elephant. She becomes the leader of her father's herd after his passing.


Main article: Mbeya

Mbeya is a rhinoceros who has an extensive knowledge of the Pride Lands.


Main article: Mbuni

Mbuni is an ostrich with a fear of hyenas.


Main article: Mjomba

Mjomba is a male aardwolf who is a member of Mjomba's Pack.


Main article: Mtoto

Mtoto is a young elephant that idolizes Beshte.


Main article: Muhanga

Muhanga is an aardvark who is territorial about her dens.


Main article: Muhangus

Muhangus is an aardvark who is the mate of Muhanga.


Main article: Muhimu

Muhimu is a zebra who is the leader of Muhimu's Herd.


Main article: Mwenzi

Mwenzi is a tickbird who is best friends with Kifaru.


Main article: Nala

Nala is Simba's mate, Kion and Kiara's mother and queen of the Pride Lands. She is much more relaxed about her son's new role than Simba.


Main article: Ogopa

Ogopa is a female aardwolf who is a member of Mjomba's Pack.


Main article: Ono

Ono is an egret who is the keenest of sight in the Lion Guard.

Porcupine Brothers

Main article: Porcupine Brothers

The Porcupine Brothers are two porcupines who share a log.


Main article: Pua

Pua is the former leader of the crocodiles. He was exiled from his float after Makuu beat him in a fight.


Main article: Pumbaa

Pumbaa is a warthog who is a close friend of Simba and the adoptive uncle of Bunga.


Main article: Thurston

Thurston is a scatterbrained zebra.


Main article: Shingo

Shingo is a male giraffe.


Main article: Simba

Simba is the king of the Pride Lands. He is Nala's mate, and the father to Kion and Kiara. He is a fair ruler and is very protective of his cubs.


Main article: Shauku

Shauku is a mongoose pup who is a friend of Mtoto's.


Main article: Swala

Swala is a gazelle who is the leader of Swala's Herd.


Main article: Rafiki

Rafiki is a wise baboon who acts a shaman of the Pride Lands.


Main article: Tamaa

Tamaa is a drongo bird. He has the ability to mimic the voices of other animals.


Main article: Tiifu

Tiifu is one of Kiara's friends. She is a very loyal cub.


Main article: Timon

Timon is a meerkat who is a close friend of Simba and the adoptive uncle of Bunga.


Main article: Twiga

Twiga is a friendly giraffe.


Main article: Ushari

Ushari is a cobra who is very aggressive when provoked.

Young Rhino

Main article: Young Rhino

Young Rhino is a rhino that's easily startled.


Main article: Zazu

Zazu is a hornbill and the majordomo of King Simba.


Main article: Zuri

Zuri is one of Kiara's friends. She is a fashionable, sensitive cub.

Deceased Members


Main article: Aminifu

Aminifu was an elephant who was one of the first to return to the Pride Lands after Scar's defeat.


Main article: Mufasa

Mufasa was the king of the Pride Lands, until he was killed by his younger brother Scar and becomes a ghost. He is the father of Simba. 

When Simba refuses to accept Kion's choice of Lion Guard, Kion isolates himself from his friends and encounters the ghost of Mufasa. The wise king tells Kion to trust his instincts and promises that he will always be there to guide him.


Main article: Scar

Scar was the former leader of the Lion Guard, as well as the former king (the latter he got after killing his older brother Mufasa). His greed ultimately caused him to lose both positions, one after another.


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