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Life in the Pride Lands; peaceful and so grand. Living is easy, just you believe me.

Beshte, The Imaginary Okapi

The Pride Lands is an African territory. It is home to a large variety of animals, most notably the lion pride. Its inhabitants are known as Pride Landers.

The Pride Lands have always been ruled from one Lion King to the next with Pride Rock as the center core of the land. This kingdom extends for beyond miles in other words, as everything the light touches is their kingdom, with one exception being the Outlands.

List of Species


Pride Lands
Pride RockThe Lair of the Lion GuardBig Baboon TreeBig RavineBig SpringsChakula PlainsChekundu CliffsFlat Ridge RockThe Flood PlainsGnu PlainGrove of TreesHakuna Matata FallsHippo SpringsLake KiziwaLaini's TreeLake MatopeMaji Baridi FallsMapema RockMbali FieldsMekundu CliffsMizimu GroveMuhanga and Muhangus's DenNdefu GroveNyani GroveRafiki's TreeRocky PlainsRocky RidgeShingo's Watering HoleSwampUkuni WoodsUrembo MeadowsWatering Hole
Broken RockJanja's VolcanoJasiri's Watering HoleReirei's CaveZira's DenZira's Termite Mound
Back Lands
Mirihi Forest
Other Locations
Misty FallsRed RocksSummer SpringsTheluji MountainsSokwe's Cave

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