Yeah, but how cozy do you really want to be when you're a porcupine?

Fuli, Bunga the Wise

Porcupines are rodents that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands.


In the Real World

Cape porcupines are one of the largest rodents in Africa, and they are also the world's largest porcupines. They are similar in appearance to, and only slightly larger than, their close relatives, the crested porcupines, and can most easily be distinguished from them by the presence of a band of short white spines along the midline of the rump. Cape porcupines measure 63 to 81 centimetres (25 to 32 inches) long from the head to the base of the tail, with the tail adding a further 11–20 centimetres (4.3–7.9 inches). They weigh from 10 to 24 kilograms (22 to 53 pounds), with exceptionally large specimens weighing up to 30 kg (66 pounds); males and females are not significantly different in size.

In The Lion Guard

Porcupines in The Lion Guard have light brown fur and cream fur around their mouths. They have been shown with both red and black noses. Porcupines have sharp quills of barbed hair on their back and tail.


In The Lion Guard

Porcupines live in the Pride Lands. Although mostly solitary, some do choose to live together.


Bunga the Wise


The Porcupine Brothers jump into their log

When Lake Kaziwa floods, a log where a pair of porcupines called the Porcupine Brothers is rolled over. The Lion Guard arrives and flips it back over. The porcupines enter their home, and as the Guard walks away, they argue over the cramped space of the log.

Can't Wait to be Queen

In the song Duties of the King, Zazu declares that one of the king's duties is to gently kiss baby porcupines, and Simba bends down to kiss one that is nearby.

Fuli's New Family

Fulisnewfamily-p1 (199)

"No! It's a bad idea! I was kidding!"

Bunga repeatedly bounces a porcupine on his head. Eventually, the porcupine has had enough, and suggests that Bunga goes and plays in a volcano. Bunga runs off to do so, with the porcupine yelling after him, trying to explain that he was kidding.

The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (152)

A porcupine eats seeds

The Call of the Drongo

A porcupine is seen eating some seeds and berries during the song Bird of a Thousand Voices.

Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas

The Porcupine Brothers and Male Porcupine perform in the song The Twelve Ways of Christmas.

Notable Porcupines in The Lion Guard

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