Pangolins only spray when they're threatened.

Ono, The Lost Gorillas

Pangolins are animals that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands.


In the Real World

Ground pangolins are covered in overlapping, protective scales that protects them from predators. When threatened, they curl into a ball to protect their soft underside or secrete a foul odor. They have large, sharp claws that they use to dig, and long, sticky tongues that allow them to feed on insects such as termites. Their front claws are too big for walking, so pangolins mainly walk on their hind legs, using their long tails for balance.

In The Lion Guard

Pangolins are known to spray a foul odor when they feel threatened. Squeezing them in this state will also set off their odor.


The Lost Gorillas

The-lost-gorillas (38)

Stand off

Two pangolins are picked up by gorilla brothers Hafifu and Majinuni. They stand off against each other and place the pangolins under their arms, squeezing them constantly to force their gas out. Having heard about the pangolins' spraying from Zazu, the Lion Guard arrive on the scene and Kion soon notices their distress and orders them to put the pangolins down. The brothers laugh it off and continue squeezing the pangolins, until Kion pounces on them both. The pangolins are able to escape, and run away quickly.

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