Ono's Nest is a location in the Pride Lands.


Ono's Nest is situated on a low hanging tree branch. It is constructed of twigs, and lined with green leaves.


Ono and the Egg

Ono-and-the-egg (119)

Ono and the egg

When Kulinda notices the heroics of Ono, a member of the Lion Guard, she decides to entrust her egg into his care, whilst preparing a nest. 

After helping a young hyrax, Ono is walked to his nest by the Guard, and given instructions to rest. He is willing to comply, and attempts to settle into his nest, before realizing the presence of an egg. He is able to identify it, and after Fuli questions it, comments that female hamerkops are usually excellent parents. Kion decides to find the mother, and make sure all is well, Ono agrees, and flies off.

Ono-and-the-egg (142)

The lone egg

But Beshte wonders upon the safety of the egg, and Ono returns to check. He examines it, and deduces that the baby was growing. After Beshte questions him, Ono confirms that it will soon hatch, and it needs to be kept warm until then. Bunga eagerly volunteers, and scampers up the to the nest. Before he could jump on the egg, Ono stops him, and volunteers himself to tend it, requesting that the mother be found soon. Fuli warmly assures him, and she and Kion catch the scent, and lead Beshte and Bunga away.

Ono-and-the-egg (221)

The egg hatches

Left alone, Ono ponders upon the needs of the egg, before spreading himself over it, wishing to be unseen. Eventually, he becomes restless, and is made aware of the egg hatching, when the baby bird had emerged, Ono warmly comments upon the cuteness of the little one, and greets her.

The hatchling begins squeaking, and moving around Ono, who questions upon the actions, before realizing she is performing a family dance. He attempts to correct her to no avail. While Ono ponders about the course of action to be taken whilst waiting for Kulinda, the baby becomes distracted, and topples out of the nest.

Ono-and-the-egg (463)

Kulinda discovers the empty nest

Ono hurriedly rushes to help her, and manages to grab her. He manages to guide them to safety, landing himself upon a thornbush, and rushing after the bird when she scampers off again.

He catches up to her, and prevents her from falling into a river. Once safe, he irritably scolds her, before softening upon realizing her exhausted state. When the Guard finds Kulinda, they escort her back to Ono's nest, where they are stunned to discover the egg had hatched, and the baby has gone. It doesn't take long for her distressed calls to reach the baby, who finds his mother quickly.



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