*This episode aired in Australia first. This is the first episode of The Lion Guard to air first in a country other than the US.
  • A read-along book and CD based on this episode has also been released.
  • The original title for this episode was Power of the Roar.
  • The episode's original airdate was the 24th of June as episode number 14. However, the episode was delayed. Although not confirmed by Disney, it is speculated that the cause of the delay was due to the prominence of the crocodile Makuu, as he may have been deemed offensive in light of a tragedy at Disneyworld in which a child was killed by an alligator.[1]
  • There are 17 known mistakes in this episode.
  • Bunga's line, 'another problem solved by Bunga the Wise', is a reference to the episode Bunga the Wise.
  • The crocodile that speaks to Makuu is voiced by Gerald Rivers, the same person who voiced Pua, Makuu's former leader.
  • The episode had 1,192,000 viewers.[2]


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