JANJA: C'mon, boys! It's lunch time, and I'm starving!

CHUNGU: I'm always starving!


KION: Hyenas!



KION: I thought I told you to stay out of the Pride Lands!

JANJA: Did ya now? My stomach keeps forgettin'.

CHUNGU: His stomach forgets. (LAUGHS) That's a good one!


JANJA: Oh, no.

CHEEZI: (LAUGHS) That cub's got no sense of humor!

KION: Lion Guard, calm the herd! I'll take care of these guys.

ONO: You got it.

CHUNGU: We're leaving? What about lunch?

JANJA: All of the sudden I'm not so hungry.

CHEEZI: But Janja! You said you were starving!

JANJA: Just run, fur brain!

KION: That's right! Back to the Outlands! Now!





BESHTE: That's right. Easy there. You're all okay now.

BUNGA: Yeah! Kion's chased those hyenas back into the Outlands!

FULI: And he should be back by now. Ono, check on Kion.

ONO: Affirmative! Hapana!


ONO: Everyone, everyone! Kion's in trouble! Come on!



BUNGA: Kion! Hang on, Kion, we're coming!

BESHTE: Little B, don't! The current's too strong!

FULI: Ono! Keep pace with Kion!

ONO: Right!

BUNGA: (COUGHING) Whoa! (PANTING) Thanks, Big B.

ONO:  Hang in there, Kion. Oh, no! Kion, look out! Rocks! Straight ahead!


FULI: Kion! Are you all right?

KION: A little wet. (COUGHS) But I'm okay.

ONO: But Kion, look. You're over here. In the Outlands.

KION: I can see that, Ono. And it looks like I can take that trail upriver. Don't worry, Ono. I'll be fine. Besides, I don't have much of a choice. I definitely can't cross the river here. The water's way too rough. Lion Guard! Meet me at Flat Ridge Rock! I can cross the river there!


FULI: Flat Ridge Rock?

BUNGA: Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know exactly where that is! Follow me!

KION: Thanks, Bunga! Ono!

ONO: Yes, Kion?

KION: Better go with them. Make sure Bunga really does know where Flat Ridge Rock is.

ONO: Affirmative! Guys, wait up!

BUNGA: C'mon! C'mon! We don't want Kion waitin' up at Flat Ridge Rock, wondering where we are. (EXCLAIMS)

BESHTE: What's wrong, Little B?

BUNGA: Uh, nothing.

FULI: Bunga? Are you sure you know how to get to Flat Ridge Rock?

BUNGA: Pfft! Of course, I know. It's this way! Huh? (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) Ow. Wait, no, no, no, no. It's this way!

USHARI: (HISSING) Going somewhere, Bunga?

BUNGA: Nope! Gotta be this way. Well, it's one of these ways.

BESHTE: Too bad Kion's not here to lead us.

ONO: Do you even know where we are?

BUNGA: Sure! Uh... We're lost!



JASIRI: Hello! Surprise!


JASIRI: (LAUGHS) Didn't know I was up here. Did ya?

KION: No, I...I knew you were there the whole time....Hyena.

JASIRI: Yep, I'm a hyena all right. You lions are so clever! (LAUGHS) Especially you, Kion.Leader of the Lion Guard.

KION: You know me?

JASIRI: Just by reputation.The mark on your shoulder's a giveaway, though. (LAUGHS)

KION: So, you're not in Janja's clan?

JASIRI: Janja? Yeah, that's a good one.What are you doing in the Outlands? Not exactly your territory.

KION: I'm going to Flat Ridge Rock,so I can get back to the Pride Lands. If that's okay with you, hyena.

JASIRI: The name's Jasiri. And if you are headed back to the Pride Lands, you're going the wrong way.

KION: Uh-huh. And I should trust a hyena because...

JASIRI: Because I want you out of my territory.

KION: Good. I want out of your territory.


JASIRI: Then you're going the wrong way!

BESHTE: Thanks for getting us outta the woods, Ono.

ONO: No problem. But I don't know which way to go from here. I've never been to Flat Ridge Rock.

BESHTE: Neither have I.

FULI: Me neither.

BUNGA: Well, it's probably around here somewhere.

BESHTE: All I see are grass, trees and zebras.

FULI: Ugh! I can't believe we don't know where to go! We're the Lion Guard! (SIGHS) This never happens when Kion's around!

BESHTE: Easy, Fuli. We just need to ask somebody for directions.

THURSTON: Hello, Lion Guard. I couldn't help but overhear. You need directions?

BUNGA: Yeah, we do! Do you know where Flat Ridge Rock is?

THURSTON: Flat Ridge Rock? Oh! Is that near Ukuni Woods? Or Big Springs?

FULI: We don't know where it is. That's why we're asking you!

THURSTON: I see. Well, that's too bad. I'm not sure where it is. Now, where was I going?

BESHTE: Uh, maybe back to your herd?

THURSTON: Oh yes, of course! Thank you!

ONO: Zebras. (SIGHS) They never know where they're going.

BESHTE: Hey! We could ask Mbeya the Rhino! He knows the Pride Lands like the back of his horn.

FULI: Great. Any idea where we can find Mbeya?

BESHTE: This time of day, Mbeya usually hangs out at the Watering Hole.

BUNGA: Yeah! Watering Hole, here we come.

FULI: Ono, you lead this time.

ONO: Affirmative! Follow me!

FULI: This way, Bunga.

BUNGA: I was taking a shortcut.

KION: Still following me?

JASIRI: You're still ignoring my advice.

KION: About going the wrong way? (SCOFFS) I'm pretty sure I'm heading towards Flat Ridge Rock.

JASIRI: Maybe so, but you can't get there on this trail.

KION: Oh, yeah? Why's that?

JASIRI: The trail ends. Here!

KION: What? Whoa...


KION: Heyvi kabisa!


FULI: (SIGHS) How long can it possibly take to ask for directions to Flat Ridge Rock? They've been talking forever!

BUNGA: Beshte does like to talk.

ONO: Yes. But perhaps I'd better go talk to him.

MBEYA: You get to be my age, you never know what might happen!


ONO: Sorry to interrupt. But Beshte? We have to meet Kion? At Flat Ridge Rock?

BESHTE: Oh yeah! Guess I better be going. See you later, Mbeya.

MBEYA: Later, Beshte.

FULI: So? What did he say?

BESHTE: You won't believe it. Remember that heatwave we had yesterday?

FULI: Yeah, I remember. It was hot. Now what did Mbeya say?

BESHTE: He forgot to cover himself in mud! (LAUGHS)

BUNGA: Why would Mbeya want to cover himself in mud, Big B?

ONO: That's how rhinos avoid sunburn. Common knowledge, really.

FULI: (SIGHS) I meant, what did Mbeya say about the directions?

BESHTE: (CHUCKLES) Fuli, you don't need directions to cover yourself in mud. Just find a nice mud puddle and roll in it.

FULI: Argh! Not directions for mud bathing. Directions for getting to Flat Ridge Rock!

BESHTE: Oh, yeah! The directions to Flat Ridge Rock! I forgot to ask. Be right back.


BUNGA: Yeah. Kion would never forget something like that.

(JASIRI LAUGHING) Hold still, this won't hurt at all. (GRUNTING)

KION: Hey, what are you doing?

JASIRI: Getting you out of this thorn bush. If you'd just hold still!

KION: What? Why would you help me? You're a hyena.

JASIRI: You lions really do think all hyenas are bad!

KION: All the ones I've met are.

JASIRI: Like Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu? Well, obviously, I'm not like them. For one thing, they're males, which means they're foolish. No offense.

KION: Not all males are foolish.

JASIRI: Says the male lion flat on his back, stuck in a bush. (LAUGHING)

ONO: Things would certainly go a lot better if Kion were leading us.

BUNGA: Yeah. But you gotta love all these flies!

FULI: Ugh. Yeah, gotta love 'em. Beshte, are you positive Mbeya said this is the way to Flat Ridge Rock?

BESHTE: Yep! 'Course, he also said he's never actually been there.


ONO: Everyone! There's a ridge up ahead with a flat rock on top of it! It's gotta be Flat Ridge Rock!

BUNGA: Zuka Zama! Kion, here we come!

FULI: This time, I'll lead the way. Comin' through.

BUNGA: Fuli, slow down! How can you lead us when we can't keep up?

KION: Thanks... I guess.

JASIRI: You guess?

KION: Well, yeah! You could have told me the trail ended before I went over the hill!

JASIRI: Yeah. But then I wouldn't have seen the leader of the Lion Guard rolling down a hill! (LAUGHS)

KION: Okay, you've had your laugh. Now I'm lost. Can you tell me how to get to Flat Ridge Rock?

JASIRI: Follow that trail.It'll take you to Flat Ridge Rock. And back to your beloved Pride Lands.


JASIRI: You're limping.

KION: I'm fine. Just a little sore from the fall. I can handle it.

JASIRI: Okay, tell ya what. It's kinda my fault you're hurt. So I'll stick with you until you can see Flat Ridge Rock.

KION: Okay. I mean, if you want to.

JASIRI: What I want? (LAUGHS) I want you out of my territory!

KION: (GRUNTS) Yeah, well, me too.


Huh? Fuli?

FULI: Hi, guys. What kept you? I even had time to clean up.

BESHTE: Uh, Fuli? Usually Kion wouldn't get so far ahead that the rest of us have trouble keeping up.

FULI: Oh. Sorry, guys.

BUNGA: Wait! This is Flat Ridge Rock?

ONO: Well, this rock is pretty flat. And it's on a ridge.

BUNGA: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! I know this place! I've been here hundreds of times! You know, there's a great shortcut we could have used!

ALL: Bunga!

BUNGA: What?


KION: See that? That's the Circle of Life for you.

JASIRI: Wait. You think I don't know about the Circle of Life?

KION: Well, you are a hyena.

JASIRI: Look. I know Janja's clan is greedy and eats more than their share. But most hyenas respect the Circle of Life! We're the clean-up crews- picking up after all the sloppy eaters. We hyenas eat what you lions leave behind.

KION: Oh. I guess I never really thought about it like that.

JASIRI: (LAUGHS) Of course not.You think hyenas and lions are so different. But we're not! We're more similar than you think, Kion. Sisi ni sawa.

KION: You're saying we're the same? No, I don't think so.

♪ You think that life

is one big game

♪ You joke, you laugh,

you take no blame

♪ I'm telling you,

there's just no way

that we're the same

JASIRI: ♪ You got to look past

what you see

♪ Try not to judge so easily

♪ Believe it or not

you're a lot like me

♪ Say, believe it or not,

you're a lot like me

♪ Sisi ni sawa

means we're the same

KION: ♪ I hear what you're saying

but you need to explain

JASIRI: ♪ At the end of the day

it's like water and rain

♪ Sisi ni sawa

we are the same

♪ Maybe I laugh,

maybe you purr

♪ But take a look

under the fur

♪ Deep in our heart

is what matters for sure

♪ 'Cause we both know

we're higher called

♪ Like every creature,

big and small

♪ The Circle of Life should be

what's guiding us all

♪ The Circle of Life

will guide us all

♪ Sisi ni sawa

means we're the same

KION: ♪ Though you've got your spots

and I have a mane

JASIRI: ♪ At the end of the day,

it's like water and rain

♪ Sisi ni sawa

we are the same

♪ Sisi ni sawa

we are the same

KION: ♪ Never thought that

we'd see eye to eye

JASIRI: ♪ I can't imagine why

♪ It's very easy if you try

KION: ♪ Still to me,

they're brand new thoughts

♪ Not to judge

hyenas by their spots

JASIRI: ♪ Sisi ni sawa

KION AND JASIRI: ♪ Sisi ni sawa

means we're the same

♪ Forget about the past

when there's nothing to gain

♪ At the end of the day

it's like water and rain

♪ Sisi ni sawa

we are the same

♪ Sisi ni sawa

means we're the same

♪ Forget about the past

when there's nothing to gain

♪ At the end of the day,

it's like water and rain

♪ Sisi ni sawa

we are the same

♪ Sisi ni sawa

we are the same

JASIRI: ♪ Sisi ni sawa

we are the same ♪


KION: What's wrong?

JASIRI: We're in Janja's territory. And, believe it or not, we don't get along! (LAUGHS) Don't worry. Flat Ridge Rock is right over there.You're almost home.

KION: Asante, Jasiri. Thanks for your help.

JASIRI: Sure. Bye, Kion!

KION: Hey, Jasiri! If you ever need my help...

JASIRI: Help? From a lion? (LAUGHS) That's a good one!

KION: Okay.


JASIRI: Janja!

JANJA: Well, well. If it isn't Jasiri. Thought I told you to stay off our turf!

JASIRI: Just passing through.So move. Or do I have to move you myself?


JANJA: Big talk, coming from someone who's all alone!

JASIRI: Okay, I'll take another path.


JASIRI: So, you figured out that only three of you didn't stand a chance against me.

JANJA: C'mon, boys .Let's remind Jasiri what happens to someone who wanders into our part of the Outlands!

JASIRI: These all the hyenas you got, Janja?

KION: Jasiri?


CHEEZI: Me first!


JASIRI: (LAUGHS) Who's next?


JANJA: (GRUNTS) Enough playing around.




JASIRI: What are you doing here?

KION: I'm here to help.

JASIRI: If you say so...But I got 'em right where I want 'em!




KION: Yeah, I can tell.




JASIRI: Kion! Behind you!

KION: Nice move, Jasiri.

JASIRI: Thanks. You're not so bad yourself. For a lion.


KION: Uh-oh. Looks like we're cornered.


KION: Jasiri, get behind me! Now!

JASIRI: What? Why?

KION: Trust me.

JASIRI: Can't believe I'm trusting a lion.

JANJA: Don't know why you're in the Outlands helpin' a hyena, Kion, But it's the last thing you're gonna do. (LAUGHS) Get 'em, boys!

CHUNGU: Got you now!




BUNGA: Zuka Zama! Kion's in trouble!



JANJA: Uh. I hate that roar.


JANJA: Come on, boys!


JASIRI: (LAUGHS) Look at 'em go!

That was the funniest thing I've ever seen! (LAUGHING)

JASIRI: Okay, that roar thing? That is definitely something we don't have in common.

KION: I've seen you in action. You don't need a roar.

JASIRI: You know, I never thought a lion would help a hyena.

KION: Well, not all lions are alike.

ONO: He's over here!

BUNGA: Kion!


FULI: Back off, hyena!


KION: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Take it easy! She's a friend!

FULI: She is?

JASIRI: I... I am?

KION: Definitely.

BUNGA: But she's a hyena.

KION: I know. But not all hyenas are like Janja. Some of them are good. She's one of them.

FULI: Really?

KION: She got me through the Outlands.

JASIRI: And he saved me from Janja and his clan.

BESHTE: Well, any friend of Kion is a friend of ours.

KION: You should have seen her take on Cheezi and Chungu. She was fierce.

FULI: Huh. I like her already.

BUNGA: Sure is nice having Kion lead us again. Even if he is walking behind us.

JASIRI: Well, I better get back to my territory. I'm sure your roar doesn't scare off Janja forever.


JASIRI: (LAUGHS) Bye, Kion. It's been fun.

KION: Bye, Jasiri.  Maybe I'll see you again sometime?

JASIRI: Not if I see you first! (LAUGHS)

KION: Hey, guys! Wait for me!