Eye of the Beholder

"Oi, watch where you're going!"


"Definitely interesting."

"Sorry I'm late!"

"Indeed. It seems that Ono of the Lion Guard is no longer able to see out of one eye."

The Search for Utamu

"Oi! Is that Fuli lying down there? I've never seen her when she wasn't running!"

"You mean she don't know cheetahs can only run for so long before they need a rest?"

"Oh! Should we form a subcommittee to discuss our options in attacking Fuli in her current weakened state?"

"I want a leg!"

"Oh, um, question. Do you really think she can't fight back?"


"I second the motion!"

"And I second it!"

"All alone, are we?"


"Shall we form a committee and put it to a vote?"

Ono and the Egg

"Oh! Why, uh, yes. Yes, I was! You're a hawk, you know. And where there's a hawk, there's bound to be some food to pick over!"

"The Lion Guard? Oi, if they're on your tail, you're outta luck."

"Fresh? Bleagh! This beak only touches Grade-A carrion!"

"All the scraps I can eat? I might 'ave to talk to the committee 'bout it..."

"The baby's gone! All right? Now, get off!"

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