The Mbali Fields Migration

"I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about, little mongoose."

"Whatever. When are we getting this show on the road? I need to get to the grazing grounds. Before it is time."

"Well, now that you've saved me twice, I suppose I should admit it. I did sit on you."

"I've been telling you the whole time, you silly honey badger."

"Bunga, did you see him? He kicked that hyena! He saved my life!"

Babysitter Bunga

"Well, I'd love to, but what would I do with Hamu?"

"Maybe Hamu can stay with Bunga. They really get along together."

"Bunga's watching Hamu, so I can have some me time."

"You taught our kids to defend themselves?"

"You're the best babysitter, ever!"