Bunga the Wise

"Bunga the wise!"

Follow That Hippo!

"How's it feel to be so strong? What's it like to fight bad guys?' 

'Can you really knock down a tree with your head? How's it feel to be a real live hero?"

"I can't believe it. I'm gonna train with the real live Lion Guard!"

"So you really think I have what it takes to be a hero?"

"So I just kept spraying 'em right in the face while Beshte swam like the wind!"

Beware the Zimwi

"Tell us the story, Rafiki! Please?"

"We wanna hear about the Zimwi!"

"The Zimwi can't be real, uh, can it?"

"No, it's really true!"

"I'm scared!"

Ono's Idol

"Here I am! Haha!"

"Wait. Do you hear that?"

"You know who we need right now?"

"It's okay. We'll find another place to sit."

"I don't mind, Beshte. After all, you're still my number one hero!"

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