The Morning Patrol is a duty performed by the members of the Lion Guard.


At the start of each day, Kion will lead his friends around the Pride Lands, making sure that there is no danger. If there is an interruption of any sort, the Guard will usually resume their patrol after putting the situation back to rights.


Can't Wait to be Queen

When waiting for Ono, Kion comments that it's unlike him to be late for morning patrol. The egret then flies overhead, heading for Pride Rock.

The Kupatana Celebration

After rescuing the jackal pup Dogo, the Lion Guard resume their morning patrol. During the patrol, Beshte and Bunga notice what they believe to be Dogo sleeping in the Aardvarks' den. They soon discover that it's not Dogo, but one of his brothers, and call for the rest of the Guard to come over.

The Trouble With Galagos

During their patrol, the Lion Guard find a disturbance in the galagos' tree. They discover a leopard named Badili sleeping in it. After speaking with him and following him home to Mirihi Forest in the Back Lands they discover that he's being bullied by another leopard named Mapigano. After frightening him away, they return to the Pride Lands and continue their patrol.

The next day, the Lion Guard are back on patrol, and Kion event comments that they can finish early. Suddenly, Laini returns with the same news as yesterday. This time, the Lion Guard help Badili stand up for himself so that they don't have to keep assisting him.

Janja's New Crew

When out on patrol, the Lion Guard save Cheezi and Chungu from a mudslide. After deciding to let them stay, they continue on their patrol, but are interrupted again by a stampede of antelopes. They soon realise that Janja is behind it, and locate him. He passes the blame over to Nne and Tano, and the Lion Guard successfully drive them out of the Pride Lands, as well as see to it that the other hyenas get back to the Outlands as well.

The Trail to Udugu

When Kion takes a trip to Udugu with his mother and sister, Simba steps in for the Lion Guard. He tries to take them down a left path, but Ono and the other Guard members try to explain that Kion always begins by going down the other path. Simba reminds them that Kion isn't there, and everyone follows him down his chosen path instead.

The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

Kion and the guard begin their first morning patrol of the dry season helping various animals along the way. Saving animals from rock slides, rock piles, falling debris and directing a float of crocodiles to their hibernation cave.

The Little Guy

After accidentally interrupting Makuu's training session, the Lion Guard return to their patrol.

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